Who Is This Magpie?

This Magpie is Stephanie, I live and work in Berkshire, UK. I love exploring outside, adventures in the kitchen and I’m currently setting up home out here in the home counties. 

Why Magpie?Pensive Magpie

I was never sporty, I never got medals at sports day. I tried ballet until the teacher told me I was “the wrong shape”, I never got any tap/ballet medals. No shiny medal bling for me. Then just before I turned 25, I ran a race (bit more complicated than that, but I’ll spare you the details) and got a sparkling, shiny, medal of happiness and strutted around like a peacock wearing it for the rest of the day. I got 8 medals that year, the next year (2014) I got 24. Chasing shiny things is a trait I share with magpies.

I also like pie, cooking and baking, so combining my ‘shiny thing chasing’ with cooking in a snazzy word/phrase combo worked for me. A Magpie in the Sky was born.

Some might say its also because I’m a bit of a dreamer and likely to take conversations off into flights of fancy. But you’ll have to ask them about that.

You can see a nice big picture of me with my bling on the right. Before you ask, I don’t shave my eyebrow like that, I ran into a nail in a staircase when I was 3. They were trialling glue instead of stitches and the hair didn’t grow back, yes I could pluck underneath it away, but then I’d look surprised all of the time. Yes, I’ve tried.

Heavy Shiny

What else do you want to know?


  1. James says:

    Brilliant write-up, I also ran the C2C, and my story is similar, only started running two years ago having done no sport or exercise up until that point in life.

    Really like your blog…. Cheers…

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