30 before I’m 30

I felt so inspired by Jenna’s 25 before I’m 25, that I decided to do my own. I have passed the 25 milestone, so I decided to go for 30!

I didn’t really know where to start so I had a look at Jenna’s list and googled some more and decided that unlike many out there I didn’t want my list to be a catalogue of things that would cost me vast amounts of money and there for be unattainable. There are lots of places I’d like to go e.g. see the northern lights, NYC at Christmas, St Petersburg but if my list was made up of these I’d end up 30 and in debt.

Some of my list costs money, but I’ve tried to include some smaller things as well, where it is the experience that counts or because it would be outside my comfort zone. I hope to keep you updated with my progress, I hope you’ll find it a welcome distraction from all the running talk.

  1. Run a marathonParis 2014 (Bacchus, Barcelona, Richmond Park)
  2. Go to Asia – Vietnam 2015
  3. Run on a beach – failed in Cyprus, will have to plan another holiday
  4. Eat at Le Gavrouche
  5. Have a Mortgage – December 2015 #ChezLambert
  6. Ride in a Cadillac
  7. Go to afternoon tea at the Ritz/Savoy
  8. Go Snorkelling
  9. Get my 50 100 shirt at Parkrun Achieved in 2016
  10. Ski – Meribel 2015, 2016
  11. Start a pension May 2014
  12. Try a Pilates class – 2 in 2013, continuing in 2014
  13. Grow Rhubarb (has to be all by me)
  14. Throw a dinner party for 6+ people – Burns Night 2016
  15. Own a coffee machine and actually use it
  16. Buy a KitchenAid or a Garmin Running Watch have a Kenwood and a Garmin
  17. Sleep in a castle
  18. Go for a run with my boyfriend, no matter how short. (he is a non runner)
  19. Be a bridesmaid For the lovely Mrs Histed 30/10/14
  20. Go to the football/cricket with my Boyfriend  08/08/16 Does Ascot vs Royal Holloway count?
  21. Turn off my phone for one night a week – starts now!
  22. Finish cooking Ann’s recipes
  23. Give up sugar for lent
  24. Make jam or curd from scratch Made Rhubarb Curd 24/04/14
  25. Go to a classical music concert
  26. Go camping with David
  27. Secret One
  28. Run a race abroad – Paris Marathon 2014
  29. Give Blood – tried and failed, not likely. 
  30. Try to Ride a Bike Tried and succeeded first right 07/08/16



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  3. Euraina says:

    Awesome list (^_^)/ Got me inspired to draft one of my own too… though I’ve passed the 30 mark a couple of years ago. Ah well, looks like it’s gonna be 35 things to do before I’m 35!

  4. Kat S says:

    I am a firm believer in a good list! Loving yours. I started my 30 list at 25, just a year to go now 😮 still have to:
    Go to New York, do a full triathalon, buy designer shoes, go to Alton Towers, go to Lewis. Not too bad for a year I guess!! Few things I have managed; run a marathon(ran 3!), go to a music festival (been to 4), go on a girly holiday (lost count!) and eat Michelin stared food. Scary thing is next list is a 40 one!!

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