5 Months to go: 30 before 30


With 5 months to go, I thought it was time for an update on my ’30 things to do before I’m 30′ List. I realise I haven’t updated it (or really looked) since last December. It surprises me again to look back on my goals from 2013. Seeing how far I’ve come is a great feeling. I’m tempted to set myself a few goals each year from now on. Do any of you do this?

Here we go!

  1. Run a marathon – 13 now + ultras.
  2. Go to Asia – Vietnam 2015, Tokyo 2017
  3. Run on a beach – I ran on two beaches whilst competing in Round the Rock, Jersey.
  4. Eat at Le Gavrouche – planned.
  5. Have a Mortgage – December 2015, no longer have a mortgage and not fussed about having one again!
  6. Ride in a Cadillac – I still don’t know how to make this happen, or if it’s necessary.
  7. Go to afternoon tea at the Ritz/Savoy – for my 29th birthday I went to Claridges with a dear friend, I consider that job done!
  8. Go Snorkelling – still not done this, still don’t really care!
  9. Get my 50 100 shirt at parkrun – Achieved in 2016 and I’ve got my 25 volunteering t-shirt too. 250 seems a long way (3 years) off!
  10. Ski – Meribel 2015, 2016, quite sad I’ve not skied this year. I need to plan a trip.
  11. Start a pension – May 2014 and now luckily on my company pension plan, so I don’t worry too much about this.
  12. Try a Pilates class – I’ve tried, then had a regular practise and now I’m slacking again. A good one for me to pick up again before 30.
  13. Grow Rhubarb (has to be all by me) – much like in my last update I still haven’t done this, but I’ve learnt that I don’t like gardening and I’m happy to help people with allotment gluts!
  14. Throw a dinner party for 6+ people – Burns Night 2016, I regularly cook for 3/4 in my house now.
  15. Own a coffee machine and actually use it – every week
  16. Buy a KitchenAid or a Garmin Running Watch – have a Kenwood and a Garmin. I couldn’t live without my Garmin now!!!
  17. Sleep in a castle – still want to do this, still haven’t!
  18. Go for a run with my (ex) boyfriend, no matter how short. – see my last update!
  19. Be a bridesmaid – For the lovely Mrs Histed 30/10/14
  20. Go to the football/cricket with my (ex) Boyfriend – 08/08/16 Does Ascot vs Royal Holloway count? I’d like to see more live sport.
  21. Turn off my phone for one night a week – starts now! I’m crap at this!
  22. Finish cooking Ann’s recipes – I gave it a good stab. And am very happy that I did. It taught me a lot.
  23. Give up sugar for lent – I only have one chance so expect a grumpy Steph in March!
  24. Make jam or curd from scratch – Made Rhubarb Curd 24/04/14 and Janet and I made loads of blackberry jam!
  25. Go to a classical music concert – 5 months to make this happen
  26. Go camping with ex boyfriend – I’ve been camping with my running club and my dear friends Travis and Carly. I consider this one achieved.
  27. Get a tattoo – done.
  28. Run a race abroad – Paris Marathon 2014 – well that was the start of something!!
  29. Give Blood – tried and failed, not likely.
  30. Try to Ride a Bike – Tried and succeeding, now I just need to get on roads.

So it seems to me, I’ve got five months to find a castle with a classical music concert and arrive in a Cadillac?


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