How being an injured runner is like a break up

Being an injured runner is like a break up

You go through many stages of grief

  1. Denial, ‘no, this isn’t a niggle, I can run through this’
  2. Anger, ‘why the hell didn’t I listen to my body and not run today’
  3. Bargaining, ‘If I rest really hard today, I’ll be able to run tomorrow’
  4. Depression, ‘cries’
  5. Acceptance, *calls all the possible medical professionals for advice* and promptly goes through all these stages again.

You switch between hate and love

Ahhh I wish I could run again, ahhh I hate running, I’m not going to bother running ever again. If you’ve ever been through a break up, these thoughts may sounds familiar.

You look at strangers some days with hate, some days with longing

Driving past runners, or your ex, can fill you with a variety of emotions, but none of them good. Hot sweats anyone?

Take some time off

If you are broken hearted or an injured runner, in either circumstance what you really need is to take some time off. Nobody wants a rebound or relapse. Travel, take a break from your phone, go to the countryside, take a walk. Time does heal and so does rest.

Social Media is the devil

Much like hiding your ex from your social media feed, while you are an injured runner you have to ignore all those accounts you found oh so inspiring back when you were on form.

Gin and Ben & Jerry’s are the first cure

Not really sustainable but necessary and part of the process. Pizza and beer works too, pick your poison.

Find yourself

It’s time to get back to basics and find yourself, maybe your true self likes to do a lot more yoga, or cross train at the gym, or bake cakes. Maybe running took too much of a hold and it’s time to mix it up? Maybe you spent too much time with running (replace with name) and neglected your loved ones, your self and your mind.

injured runner
You find out who your friends are

When times are tough there are some people that disappear, some people that are amazing, some people that keep pestering you even though you’ve gone quiet (thank you to those people) and some people that still want to hang out even though the ‘thing’ that bought you together isn’t there anymore. There’s never a good time to lose friends but anyone that doesn’t have your back, isn’t worth it.  For those that hang around, remember that injured runners aren’t fun to hang around so do your best to listen to their woes too!

They told you so

The best of your friends are the ones that told you that you were making a mistake months ago, they told you so. They won’t remind you straight away, but when they do, make sure you still love them, have some wine and have a laugh!

being an injured runner is like a broken heart

a gift from Train Travel Race to help with my aches and pains

When you least expect it, you’ll fall in love again

As with love, let running just happen. Don’t force it, my best returns from injury have involved only running with friends, taking it casual and not signing up for races.

You’ll make all the same mistakes again

Those awesome friends will say you are doing too much, neglecting them or tell you when things just aren’t right. You won’t listen, you’ll make the same mistakes and they’ll pick up the pieces again…. But it’s okay because you’ll do exactly the same for them.

Have you been an injured runner or been through a break up? Or both? Can you see the similarities?

Put up with me during my injuries? This post is for you and I owe you tea and cake! x

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    Being injured totally sucks- I have seen some very funny t-shirts with things like “caution, injured runner”, because it does help lift your mood so much when you can run.
    The only time I have been out for a long amount of time was after an operation (not running related) and I was itching to get back as soon as I could- I asked the surgeon when I was allowed to start, and he was a bit baffled that I asked that question when I could not even walk to the bathroom at that point.
    Having had to have a few DNS’s I have learnt that there is always another race, another year, so just be patient. But that is easier said than done!

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