New Year, Old Me

I suspect your blog reader is full of ‘new me’, ‘new year’ and fitness resolution posts. Not here, it’s been a bit quiet around here lately, lots has been happening and I’m a bit unsure about what do to do with my corner of the internet. I’m never going to be a known or money making blogger but one of the reasons I originally started blogging was just as an outlet, a place to record my recipes and a place to waffle about all the things I like to waffle on about.

So I shall continue to waffle, I’m not going to worry about SEO or the quality of my pictures. If you want to read my writing, do and please interact with me about it, I love a good conversation. If you don’t want to read it, then don’t, I don’t mind if you are a friend in reality or someone I don’t know. We’re cool guys.

Here’s a short run down of what has been happening:

I’ve left London and had a beautiful farewell run with amazing friends to celebrate.

Last London Run

We bought a house! Which crosses another of my list of things to do before I’m 30.

we bought a house

We hosted Christmas in our not-quite-put-together house, but that made it even more special.

Christmas Day parkriun

I’ve been spending time exploring my new surroundings and drinking more cups of tea than I thought possible.

ascot sunsets


Over and out.. for now.


  1. Claire @ Flake and Cake says:

    Hurrah! Great news on the house Steph, hope you had a wonderful Christmas there. Hope to see you soon xx

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