Podcasts to listen to and blogs to read

I can wax lyrical about podcasts for a long time. I had a presentation skills course a few months ago and I did my presentation on podcasts, everyone else on boring work stuff. The good news is, everyone asked me to tell them more afterwards!

I have done a round up of my favourite podcasts before, but I wanted to update you with my current list and also some recommendations of where you can get your baking/running/rambling blog fix around the web. I’ve been slacking here and will be moving to guest post for other people so there won’t be much activity on a Magpie in the Sky.

To listen, add them in your favourite podcast app or I’ve linked to the website for each podcast below.

Podcasts to Listen to

 99% Invisible. 

Probably the most cerebral of this list, you’ll learn about architecture and design whilst listening to Roman Mars’ wonderful voice. Earlier episodes also include his cute kids! Working in digital, this podcast reminds me that user experience is not limited to the online world. The episode which got me hooked is this one on Desire Paths. Sometimes they cross another of my loves and talk about sport.


Spilled Milk Podcast

All the fun, all the food. Topics like TV dinners, baked beans or my favourite the marijuana episode, (which seems to have been deleted) Molly and Matthew deep dive into a specific type or variety of food. They do the taste testing and risk taking for you! Adverts are a necessary evil to fund podcasts, but I LOVE love love Matthew and Molly’s delivery of the adverts. You’ll be craving whatever the topic of the week is and wanting to buy a bra and some ice cream before the episode is up.


 BBC Radio 4 – The Food Chain

In their words ‘The Food Chain examines the business, science and cultural significance of food’ I love listening to Radio on demand and Radio Four does some of the best.  Sometimes light, sometimes pretty heavy going, it’s always interesting and educational. Recently I’ve particularly loved Madhur Jaffrey’s Life in Five Dishes I was completely enthralled by her tales. The Episode on cracking nut allergies got my through a painful flight back from Jersey.

 The Mental Health Podcast

My friends Laureen and Bethan have taken a brave step and set up a podcast covering a taboo subject: Mental Health. I know them both through social media and running, but they have both been studying hard as well as working and now they’ve taken on another project! You don’t need to suffer from a ‘condition’ to look after your mental health. Much like running or yoga for your body, there are so many things you can do for your mind. The girls are exploring all sorts of topics surrounding mental health so give them a listen.


Another funny, foodie one, I can’t believe I’ve not told you about this before. Cynthia and Nicola give a perspective from both sides of the pond on all things food and science. This really satisfies my inner geek. An episode which taught me about Ambergris made me subscribe. I certainly didn’t expect the history of Marshmallow Fluff to be quite so interesting either. If you like food, listen to this one!


Blogs to Read

 Run With Feeling – Zena

Zena is one of the few people around here that I met in real life rather than on the internet… I think. A fellow Datchet Dasher she lovingly welcomed me into the club when I moved out from London. One of the fastest people I know, she aces every challenge she embarks on, including her first cycle race, Ride 100 and first Triathlon in the last year. I don’t know how she does it! Zena is another advocate for being healthy in body and mind and her blog covers her exploits and opinions.

 Red Wine Runner  – Rhona

I met Rhona for the first time in real life in Chicago in October, but we’ve ‘known’ each other online for maybe 5 years. Sneakily observing each other from afar and having twitter chats. Rhona has me running for the hills, as she gets to run in beautiful Scotland, so inspiring. My favourite thing about her blog is her honesty. If something is shit, she’ll tell us in her witty and direct style. Rhona’s done amazing things and hearing about her travels from the horses mouth (as it were) make me want her to write even more!

The Dinner Bell – Hannah

Hannah is my favourite glutton (I’m pretty sure she won’t mind me saying that, and knows it’s a compliment), baker and octopus fan. We text when we’ve had a cake fail and eaten the full batch of buttercream to make ourselves feel better; I’ve made her do a parkrun. We started blogging at about the same time and both had baking blogs, but Hannah is actually good at making cakes and just as good at taking photos of them. Her storytelling is superb and I read every SINGLE thing she writes on the blog. Hannah is also the one that got me into seasonal eating and I refer back to her ‘seasons eatings‘ whenever I order food online. I can’t use my poach pods without this post open.

 Sophie Kirk Triathlete

Sophie happens to be Amy’s housemate and another superstar athlete. Bossing triathlon in her age group, juggling work, life and inspiring me with swimming and cycling! Read about the highs and lows of Triathlon training and competing. Frankly it all sounds frightening to me. If you are in to Multisport, Sophie’s blog is the one to read.


 Peachy Lau – Laureen

I met Laureen on the internet whilst we were both training for Paris Marathon as our first. We became firm friends in real life and she lovingly trained me for a sub 3:30 at Chicago marathon. A qualified running coach, not satisfied with one PHD under her belt, Laureen is back studying and squeezing in lots of fit and active stuff in Bristol and London. Laureen is half of the team behind The Mental Health Podcast mentioned above. Listen for her beautiful French dulcet tones if nothing else.

The Scientist Runs – Amy

My favourite Scottish runner planted down south, Amy writes ‘The Scientist Runs’. Raised running in the fells with a sport loving family on the borders, I found Amy when she was trying to find her feet on the tarmac in Fulham. Super smart working in scientific research, Dr Amy isn’t going to write you a prescription but she will tell you the best races, fitness classes, eats and treats. Moving back to Scotland means we’ll all be heading up there after a few weeks of FOMO and I’m proud to be writing for her as her southern correspondent moving forward.


So there you have it, not much more here, but lots of fabulous places to read all over the internet.

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