How’s your posture?

I’ve had a few injuries in my running life and it looks like they could be down to something as simple as bad posture. Having never been sporty until I hit 24 (25? I can’t remember, senior moment) I’ve never worried about holding myself upright or having a correct posture for sport.

However, one thing I distinctly remember is being told by my drama teacher aged 15/16 that my habit of standing with a ‘broken hip’ would have me ending up with a hip replacement.

You can see me perfectly demonstrating my ‘broken hip’ in the picture from Parkrun on the 11th Jan 2014, second from the left, the only one standing dodgily. Psychologically, I do it because I was always the tallest in class and it makes me look shorter, often making who I am speaking to more comfortable or making me look a bit more normal in pictures!


By now, I have gotten over the need to be the same height as everyone else but it seems to be my standing habit and I need to get out of it.

I recently went to see the lovely Giselle for a sports massage and when talking to her about trying to improve my posture, she mentioned that my sitting posture when I arrived at her office was awful, but she thought working on my piriformis was more important than worrying me about my posture.

So through yoga, pilates and post it notes.. I am conscientiously thinking about my posture when sitting, standing and running.

photo (2)

When ever I remember I try to think ‘shoulders back, tail bone tucked and a string pulling out the top of my head’, an old adage but it works. ┬áSometimes this gives me a little back ache or ab ache, which I think just goes to show how weak and unprepared my muscles are for proper posture.

I spend my working day at a desk and last time a new chair arrived the rep from the company set my chair up properly and taught me how to sit. Sounds basic and stupid I know but definitely worth it. If you work in office ask your manager or HR dept to give you a desk assessment you may need a foot rest or lumbar support to make sitting properly more comfrotable.

Short term, I look more confident, am helping my muscles and back health. Long term I hope it will improve my running form and reduce injuries.

How’s your posture?

There are great tips from the NHS here.

I am not a medical professional, merely stating my experience in the hope it may help you!


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