Get fit outside

After all my fun activities in Vietnam I came back to the UK with a bit of a bump. With no gym membership I decided to throw myself into looking into ways to get fit outside at home in Blighty.

1. Skipping

New class pass type company So Much More were running free lunchtime work outs near my office in London and I spent a fun 30 minutes skipping with Charlie, keep an eye on twitter and social media to catch other free ways to get fit outside near you.

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Photo Courtesy of Charlie.

2. Walking

David I picked ourselves up from the post holiday blues with a night away in Somerset, it was fine and bright, perfect weather for a couple of hours walking in the beautiful countryside. The simplest and easiest way to get fit outside.

get fit outside

3. Speed reps

*evil laugh* I bought a whistle. I led my colleagues through a big old pyramid speed session a local field, not sure I sold them on the idea of getting fit outside!


As well as trotting around Windsor great park at the Windsor Relays with picnicked and played with a frisbee, until I broke a nail. It’s all fun until someone gets hurt 😉

Image Courtesy of Gosia.

What are you waiting for go outside to get fit!


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  1. Louise (@louliveswell) says:

    Ha, love the idea of lunchtime skipping! Send them to Oxford and I’ll be there! 🙂

    I like plain old running – I can’t run on a treadmill, it has to be outside. I love getting that burst of fresh air, so much better than a stuffy gym 🙂

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