Say Goodbye to the Gym – Volume 3

Well I have been a busy little bee trying more new things since Saying Goodbye to the Gym (and Volume 2). My aim was to save money, so I’ve been experimenting with free classes, first up…

Early Morning Yoga with Lululemon

We had a a lovely 45 minute class and Whole Foods treated us to breakfast too!

Photo taken by Charlie and next to me is the lovely Beki. I’m not sure a 45 minute class is enough for me, but this was a beautiful way to start a Wednesday morning with friends and the style of yoga was something I’d never done before with loads of great new poses.

Lunch Break Burn

Last time I mentioned that Beki led me in a lunchtime circuits set, well I’ve been going every Tuesday and this week Beki mixed it up with a lunchtime arm burner workout… Ouch!

 Run Clapham

Another freebie, I joined Ultra babe Cat at Yoga Haven and Whole Foods Clapham’s run club. You can find the details here. We saw rainbows, explored the common, got soaked and then got treated to juices. Perfect!

Yin Yoga

CalNot free, but a bit of a bargain, I joined one of my favourite yoga teachers for a midweek fix of Yin in Fulham. It’s only £10, so is cheaper than the class I normally do with her. I enjoyed it so much I took 6 friends the next time. I’m looking forward to going again soon, want to join me?


What shall I try next? I already have some Reformer Pilates and Spinning booked in!


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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    It is great that so many places are offering free classes now. I have a Sweatshop near me, so each week I run with their running club and it is great (plus they offer freebies like a technical t-shirt after a few runs with them). They do beginner -5 k sessions as well as more advanced ones which is great too- anything to encourage people to get out there.
    In the winter I find it really reassuring to be running with a group instead of by myself too.

    • Stephanie says:

      Agreed, being fit is not just for those that can afford expensive gyms! I’ve not tried sweatshop run club, I’ll give it a go. Totally agree, it’s hard to get out in the dark on my own.

  2. Dana says:

    It’s great that there are so many free classes and running events going on! It’s weird for me to read about a Whole Foods with a run club… I don’t think any WF stores in the US, at least near me, do that. We have a few sports stores that have run clubs and free weekly runs, but they’re almost all in the city and I haven’t gotten to any… this is what I get for moving to the suburbs! 🙂 It’s so cool to hear about all the opportunities though… maybe more places here will start having these kinds of classes too!

    • Stephanie says:

      You should tell your local WF store about it! Maybe they could set one up 😀 I’m planning a move to the suburbs, I’ll be using twitter to find new running buddies/groups I think. Maybe I’ll set up my own!

  3. Kathy Q says:

    Hi Stephanie, I would def. be up for the yoga in Fulham, and the WF Richmond yoga! I am doing the same thing, trying to get to as many free/reduced boutique classes and things like that without joining a gym.

  4. bethan says:

    I love this idea – there are so many free/cheap fitness options out there to try, it is almost overwhelming! I’m thinking of checking out the Wednesday night run club at lululemon in Covent Garden if you fancy coming along!

  5. Louise @louliveswell says:

    I love your discoveries of freebie fitness! There aren’t so many options in Oxford alas. There is free Sweaty Betty yoga – but like you, the shorter class isn’t enough for me. I have found that the new local Sweatshop have a free running group though so have been meaning to try that out. Wish I could join you for the free yoga in London with Rude Health afterwards – love those guys! Anyway keep up the free fitness posts!
    Louise x

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