Say Goodbye to the Gym – Volume 4

I’m back again with more stories of what I’ve been up to since I cancelled my gym membership. See the others here 1, 2, 3.

A Recovery Walk

Just like in one of my earlier Say Goodbye to the Gym posts, I met Charlie again on a Monday morning after our long runs on Sunday and we walked, chatted and ate my Courgette Granola Bars. Charlie gave me this amazing breakfast pot for when I got to work. Friends with food are the best friends. We covered 4km, a distance not to be sniffed at!

Charlie’s wonderful breakfast pot started life as this delicious crumble.

Reformer Pilates at Heartcore

Say Goodbye to the gym with Reformer Pilates

Heartcore Pilates is round the corner from one of my favourite yoga studios, I’d already been hearing good things then I saw you could try your first class for free. A free class is very in keeping with the spirit of Say Goodbye to the Gym. I signed straight up and skipped down there the Monday after my 20 miles of smiles.
It was soo tough, the time zooms by. I felt I got a lot more out of it than my previous experience, I was a quivering mess at the end and my inner thighs let me know about the workout the next day. They are doing 3 classes for £40 for new customers and I am signing up.


Carnival Boom Cycle

Lots of my friends who work/live more centrally than I RAVE about this class, so when I had a few days off I knew I wanted to try one out, oh and it’s carnival theme… pass me a feather boa. I was lucky enough to be treated to this class by BoomCycle as I was a new customer and I FRIGGING loved it! I danced and bobbed my way along to the beats. The showers and changing facilities were amazing and after bouncing off the walls with my fellow boomers I wafted around on a post Boom high for the rest of the night!

Lululemon Run and Yoga for Runners

Say Goodbye To the gym with Lululemon

Lululemon in Richmond run free events a few times a week and I went down to join my favourite Ultra runner Cat for a run around Richmond park followed by a yoga for runners session. The yoga session was really good, I once went to a yoga for runners workshop and I was really disappointed but Nancy gave us a proper class and as a marathon runner herself worked all the bits I needed after my run. I’m really keen to try one of her classes at Yoga Haven soon.

Do you love spin?

What shall I try next? I think a cross fit session may be on the cards?

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  1. Katie says:

    I’ve never done spinning but it’s on my list to try – I don’t think Cambridge has any spinning-specific studios but my gym does offer classes so I need to face the fear and sign up! Quite envious when I read about places like Boom though…


  2. Christina I - @FitnessMagpie says:

    Loving this blog post series you have going on here Stephanie! This is exactly the sort of thing I’m doing all the time in London – finding all the intro offers and free classes and having a great time! Maybe it’s a magpie thing 😉 Minus the running. Sadly, I hate running =(

    If you’re up for trying crossfit, please give me a shout! Many boxes do free trial classes (e.g. CrossFit Hackney, In2 Crossfit in Clapham, and I think also CrossFit Peckham).

    Apart from that, I’ve recently discovered SpartanFam Woman Up sessions in Clapham Common: I’m going to sign up to the £20 for 6 sessions offer by Summer of Sweat (, just as soon as I get over my cold, but I think the first session is free.

  3. Louise @louliveswell says:

    More excellent suggestions on life after quitting the gym! I used to do spin actually when I was a member of a gym but I really liked it – the music was always the key – I always felt so energized after as well!

  4. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    I love this series! I gave up the gym when I moved to London (they’re 2-3x the cost of my Kent membership!) I should look into some of these options, it’s a really inspiring post! Thanks for sharing!

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