Say Goodbye to the Gym – Volume 5

It’s been months now since I quit the gym and it’s been quite an adventure. This month I have some pretty exciting stuff to tell you about. So say goodbye to the gym and read on.


CychoCycle Output

I headed out with Cat to try a new local spin studio. This studio was the complete opposite to BoomCycle. in a lovely light, airy room and with a proper stat attack!

When you arrive you get a heart rate monitor and big screens flanking the instructor give you full read outs of your heart rate and other statistics. I really enjoyed this class for a more intense work out, rather than the runtimes at Boom. They use the big screens to run location rides where you can ‘participate’ in a particular stage of the Tour de France or a particular hill climb, they sound like fun. Anyone fancy joining me?

Say Goodbye To The Gym - Cychocycle










Morning Rave

Say Goodbye to the gym - Morning RaveA bit of a random one this one! I went with Charlie and Lissy to Morning Gloryville. Not technically a fitness activity but I danced my little bum off and worked up a proper sweat. Unfortunately with my new job I can’t make the next one (there are no showers) but I hope to go to any weekend ones they have.

It was such an AWESOME way to start the day and all the things that would put me off a normal rave aren’t there. So it is just a really fun experience.

Plus there is coffee to get you through the early start. If you want to start the day with sweat, fun and glitter then this is the way to do it!




Circuits at work

You may have noticed I mentioned above that I have a new job and in my first week I got wind of a fantastic value circuits sessions led by Serkan on a Monday night. For £6 Serkan puts us through a full body workout. I’ve been twice now and I love it. It’s a great way to network too, double whammy!

New running routes

Last but not least, a free activity for anyone. I explored some new running routes.

I was going home to see my Mum and rather than rush a run before I went on the same old route. I took my kit and headed out to the local park, I found beautiful heather, fabulous views and a killer hill. A change is as good as a rest!

See all the things I’ve been up to since I quit the gym here.

What shall I try next?

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  1. Emma @ Stripes and Snapshots says:

    I haven’t had a gym membership since last winter and I don’t miss it at all. Although sometimes I think it would be great to go to a spin class I love the flexibility of not having that monthly outgoing gives me. I’ve been able to go to more yoga classes, I can enter more races and I get to be out in the fresh air! I do wish I lived a little closer to central London to try out some of the classes you’ve been to.

  2. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    I have started looking at joining a local running club, although at the moment work is too busy for me to get to the taster sessions, but I think that could be a good thing for me. I love the free Sweatshop club but the one by me is only once a week so a club would be good for other evenings, especially in the dark. That heather is beautiful..

  3. Louise @louliveswell says:

    As you know, I love your gym-quitting posts 🙂 I am about to quit my yoga studio (major, major sob as it’s brill) but it’s for financial reasons. It’s a hefty outgoing at £85 a month. I’m planning to replace it with lots of running (free!), joining a local running group (free!), Sweaty Betty yoga (yay free!) and some online yoga classes (dead cheap at £11 a month). I’m like Emma above and wish I could make it to some London yoga and running events but I shall have to source some in Oxford!
    Louise x

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks so much Louise, I know yoga is pricey isn’t it! I love Ekhart yoga on youtube for some home practise too! There must be some things put on by/for students you could tag along to ?

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