Say Goodbye to the Gym – Volume 7

Well I thought this would be the end of Say Goodbye to the Gym and then I ended up really mixing up my workouts throughout December. I hope to keep the momentum going in January but I do have an Ultra to run, so if you have anything you think I’d enjoy do let me know!

Work out with the best trainers for free!

Say Goodbye to The Gym Jillian

Use their free videos on YouTube.

I love Jillian Micheals Yoga Meltdown I even did it in my hotel room whilst I was in Munich!

and the Blogilates Channel has great little snippets of 6/12 minute blasts.

Do you have a favourite youtube work out video? Laureen suggested Ballet Beautiful but it looks super hard!

Hotel Schmotel

Staying in a hotel? Is there a gym? A pool? Take advantage of it!

I was staying in Munich and I used the gym and the pool, sort of free!


I’m going skiing in January and to check that I hadn’t forgotten everything from when I went when I was 13 we went to Ski Factore in Manchester to check our skills! Sign up for the mailing list and keep an eye out of discounts.

Say Goodbye to the Gym - Skiing

I was a wimp and only went from the top once, but my panic meant I snow ploughed the whole way down and gave my thighs a good workout.

The other fab thing about skiing is that I got to do it with my Boyfriend and a whole bunch of friends – I got a workout and socialising in at the same time!


Say Goodbye to the Gym - NTC

Laureen has been trying to get me for ages to try out the NTC App, so as you may have seen on my last post I asked her to make me. She did and we Oofed and Puffed away to the Hollywood Ab Workout. I’ll be trying more soon.


Do you use the NTC App? Any favourite workouts?

Have you been skiing?


  1. Kathy Q says:

    Yes, love the NTC app – great for short workouts at home/in hotel rooms and all the ones I have done are pretty tough! Only problem is sometimes they call for equipment I don’t have to hand but I improvise or search for the ones without equipment.

  2. Louise @louliveswell says:

    ooh great tips on the freebie channels – I’ve been wondering whether to sign up to a yoga website (I used to do Yogaglo which is fab but I’m resisting paying as already spend so much on fitness!). I’ve heard of both Yoga Meltdown and Blogilates though but just never tried them – I’ll get on it now! Thanks for the reminder! Lx

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks Louise. I was thinking about those subscription channels too, but if I am going to pay at all, i’d rather pay the extra and get corrected in a class. Let me know if you find any great vids!

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