Chocolate Crumble Babka








“This┬átravelling is all well and good” I hear you cry,” but where’s the cake?”

Well dearies do not fear as I’ve got this scrum-didly-umptious Chocolate Babka for you today.

A Babka is a yeasted bread dough swirled with a yummy filling so it comes out more like a cake, perfect for slicing at tea time. Family recipes for Babka are often handed down from grannies with special secret ingredients. I believe it’s history comes from the Jewish community.

The traditional way to top a Babka is with a crumble mixture but I wanted something deeper than normal to match the Babka’s rich contents. I turned to my friend and crumble maker extraordinaire Cat for crumble consulting and we came up with this recipe which you can find on her blog.

Head over to Crumble Club for the full Chocolate Crumble Babka recipe.


Terrible picture but I wanted you to see the swirl!

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