Cinnamon Rolls – A Quest

Do you have a signature recipe? Or a recipe that you have down to a T? One you can whip out at a moments notice, no written notes required, just jump straight in there and start making it? I decided I wanted to get a cinnamon roll recipe down, down to a T. This required research, practise and some dedicated testers!


I scoured the internet, books and my favourite blogs for recipes. Would I go traditional? Did they have to be cinnamon at all? Would I become obese in the process of this research?


1. First up I made The Littlest Bakehouse’s Chocolate and Hazelnut Cinnamon Rolls

Shockingly this is the first time I have made one of Hannah’s recipes. I met Hannah a few years ago on twitter discussing GBBO and we’ve since become friends in real life and frequently catch up over Konditor and Cook’s brownies which Hannah lovingly introduced me to. Consequently David thinks Hannah is great despite never meeting her because he gets a brownie whenever I meet up with Hannah.  Oops sorry, I digress, back to the rolls.

2. Next up I made Signe Johnasen’s Cinnamon Buns 

These babies were a completely different animal. Hannah’s bun are decadent, sweet, dare I say it, over the top and feel like a real treat. Signe’s are delicious and the addition of cardamom is genius but these are more of an everyday roll. Scaulding the milk was an interesting technique.

3. Third test was Joy the Baker’s Chai Cinnamon Rolls. My first ones with frosting. I made quite a few amendments and Joy’s 8 must be HUGE because I got a full baker’s dozen.

4. Then I was lazy and made Hannah’s again because they were amazinggggg!

Cinnamon Rolls - Chocolate and Hazelnut

This time with some adaptations. I used fresh yeast, almond milk and a mixture of bread and wholemeal flour.

5. Then I adapted Hannah’s recipe into my own Marmalade Breakfast Rolls {Recipe Coming Soon}


For the purposes of fairness all this feedback is based on cold rolls.

Rolls One: Feedback came from Beki and David, both loved it. You can see Beki’s here. David refused to let me give more than one away, which I think is high praise. He said that the chocolate and hazelnut really elevated them.

Rolls Two: Beki ” More bready than the first batch, and you can really taste the cardamom which I liked” I personally found them a lot plainer and breakfasty, a different beast entirely to the previous recipe. Perfect to grab on your way to work but not really the weekend treat recipe I was looking for.

Rolls Three:  I think Charlie and Laureen both liked them as they got mentioned on their blog! They went down a dream after my 20 mile run. Chris even had two so he must have liked them.

Rolls Four: Pete: “warmed up cinnamon buns are the best! It was sooooo good”


Now I had to learn how to make them from scratch with no recipe. This is still a work in progress, and now I’m not marathon training {link} I have less excuse to make a batch of cinnamon rolls for the two of us. Do you want to come over for breakfast?

If you have a great cinnamon roll recipe let me know in the comments.

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  1. Sarah says:

    These look amazing Steph- another one of those ‘Why do I not live closer to Steph so I can be her recipe tester?’ moments! I like the idea of having a bake you can do off the top of your head- mine is James Morton’s Mug Bread- super fresh, tasty bread without even needing a set of scales 🙂

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