Food Memories

Far too long ago than I really should admit, Hannah and I went to a food writing talk in Borough Market. I really enjoyed the talk but got even more out of Hannah and I’s chats afterwards. The glasses of fizz may have helped too. We talked about our favourite food writing, what turns us off, the fury of recipes that don’t work and how we feel about social media and blogging in general.

I met Hannah a few years ago through Twitter, bonding through the hashtag #GBBO, when Twitter seemed to be all about conversations and interacting. I’m so lucky to have her as a friend in reality as well as in my little black mirror. Twitter seems to be a different place these days, I really get into conversations wtih strangers. This could be me, I’m kind of friend saturated!

But back to the inspiration I got from the food talk, All of the writers talked about food memories, and our favourite writing had stories and a narrative, I can easily take Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries to bed and Hannah and I are currently sharing some historical food writing were the prose outweighs the recipes. The stories behind recipes got me thinking about some of my sweetest food memories and I’d love to hear yours, I’m hoping to post recipes over the coming weeks and months and give you my story behind the memory.  They needn’t be sophisticated and mine certainly aren’t. Let me know your earliest food memories or that flavour you’ve never been able to find again. Let’s do some detective work down memory lane together. My hit list is…

  • Butterscotch tart
  • Rum Truffle
  • Chocolate Eclairs
  • Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle for Kids

Tell me your food memories in the comments, on twitter, instagram or by email. Let’s get talking 🙂

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  1. Hannah Jade says:

    I love that we got totally different things out of this talk. One of my favourite food memories is from dinner parties that my mum used to throw, which involved stealthy theft of the best goodies while she wasn’t looking!

  2. Sarah says:

    One of my earliest food memories is of corned beef hash that my mum used to make, which inexplicably had baked beans in it- I’m thinking of trying to recreate it with sweet potato and some kind of ‘proper’ meat substitute but still nail the flavour- it was proper comfort food!x

  3. Jess says:

    I have the most random food memory which has stuck with all the family forever… we were on holiday in the south of France and my Dad offered me and my twin sister brie to try- we were about 5 at the time. I tried it and loved it and it has been my favourite cheese ever since. Bex said “ew, It looks like a slimy slug!” and since then brie has always been called slimy slug in our family… I don’t think I actually knew it was called brie until i was about 14!! haha. Very random, but that is my favourite food memory 🙂

    Jess xxx

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