Tried and Tested Breakfast Recipes

The Pin: Overnight Barley Porridge from Eat Simply, Eat Well

My Version:

A pudding for two or excellent breakfast. Barley Porridge.

What I Changed:

Pretty much the whole recipe, I’ll paraphrase here in case you want to try it, you’ll need 40g of pearl barley and 180ml of milk per portion, prepare and pop in the oven (off) before you go to bed, as soon as you get up put the oven on to 180′ and leave for about an hour.

The Folded Corner: Paul Hollywood’s Breakfast Rolls

David’s Version:

Paul Hollywood's Breakfast Rolls

What He Changed:

Yes, you heard that right, I’m featuring a non-pinned recipe! Since we moved I’ve refound my recipe books. David made these amazing rolls for Christmas Day breakfast. We use tinned tomatoes, but otherwise I think he stuck to the recipe.


The Pin: Baked Fig and Almond Oatmeal from Treats with a Twist

My Version:

baked date and almond porridge

What I Changed:

I didn’t have any figs so we used dates instead. I used 1 cup of oats and 2 cups of milk and it made three hearty portions, I found it a little sweet but that was my fault for playing around with the proportions. I whisked it up the night before and put it in the oven, I turned the oven to 150’c before I went for a run and came back to perfect porridge!


The Pin: The Ultimate Green Smoothie Formula from Nicole Antoinette.


My Version:

Green Smoothie in a Bowl, Tried and Tested Breakfast Recipes

What I Changed:

I made mine into a smoothie in a bowl, by added 1/2 tsp of Xanthan Gum as a thickener. This formula worked really well and I’ll be using it again.

What are your favourite breakfast recipes at the moment?

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    I am pretty boring- I make up the porridge mixture the night before- a tbs chia seeds, 35g oats, some kind of fruit (this week frozen blueberries) and then almond milk- until it looks right. I leave it in the fridge, then microwave in the morning while I empty the dishwasher. I did make cinnamon rolls for Christmas Eve, and you have reminded me that there are some in the freezer. May have to get them out for the weekend.

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