Beginner’s Guide to Tofu

Beginner's Guide to Tofu
When experimenting with any new thing, I hit twitter first! This particular time asking “I’ve not tried tofu and I’m not sure I will like it. Can anyone recommend a good beginners recipe to win me over?” 

Beginner's Guide to Tofu


I got some great recipe recommendations and top tips:

You can see that Ashley mentioned a blog called Eating Bird Food and that was the blog I turned to for my first tofu recipe! Brittany actually responded with some great tips and her favourite recipes herself. I’ve been following her blog ever since and I love it!

Beginner's Guide to Tofu

I bought Cauldron’s Smoked Tofu and diligently pressed it as that was the advice from everyone, and on the packet as well.

I made this 10 Minute Tofu Stir Fry but adapted it with the following ingredients, head to the link for the method. I used wok oil instead of cooking spray, smoked tofu, rice wine vinegar instead of the nutritional yeast and soy instead of the coconut aminos.

Beginner's Guide to Tofu

So to sum up with my…

 ‘Beginner’s Guide to Tofu’

  1. Don’t be afraid
  2. Pick a recipe with other ingredients you love or a style you like
  3. Buy kitchen roll and tofu!
  4. Drain
  5. Fry
  6. Enjoy.

What’s your favourite tofu recipe?

Beginner's Guide to Tofu

Is it toe-fu or toff-oo ?

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