The Brex Files

Pun in the title was kindly provided by Sam. The post could also be called ‘What I Ate For Breakfast Every Day For A Month’, or ‘A Month of Breakfast’ but that doesn’t sound as exciting does it?!

In fact, writing that sentence doesn’t sound very exciting but I thought it would be fun to show you what I start the day with in pictorial form.

I’m a breakfast obsessive, I think about it all the time. Before lunch I’m already thinking about the following days breakfast. I’m also an oat obsessive and love nothing more than a steaming hot bowl of oats. I had nothing against my oats, but an added benefit of recording my breakfast everyday was to make me try a little more variety and some savoury breakfasts, which is something I NEVER do!

So here they are my Brex Files for May.


If you like the look of them each row is in date order and I’ve broken it out at the bottom.

The Brex Files - A Magpie in The Sky

What’s your favourite breakfast?

What recipe should I try next?

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Top Row

6/5 Granola, banana and yoghurt
7/5 Baked apple and cinnamon coconut porridge, whole foods nut butter, add ins.
8/5 Coconut milk porridge, rhubarb, whole foods nut butter
9/5 BMY (Banana, Muesli and Yoghurt)+ almonds and no washing up!
10/5 Office porridge with banana, avocado (yes!) and almonds

Second Row

11/5 Village East porridge bowl
12/5 The Retreat granola pot
13/5 Not so green smoothie bowl with my Sticky Toffee Granola
14/5 Office porridge with banana and a graze pot
15/5 Asparagus Omelette

Third Row

16/5 Office porridge with a banana
17/5 Trek bar and ate our way around Costco (No Pic)
18/5 Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms on homemade sourdough (sorry I was a bit keen)
19/5 Raspberry green smoothie with my Sticky Toffee Granola
20/5 Spinach and yoghurt scrambled eggs on homemade sourdough toast
21/5 Granola, Yoghurt and Banana

Fourth Row

22/5 Sourdough pancakes with rhubarb curd, berries and seeds
23/5 Granola, Yoghurt and Banana
25/5 Post Race Banana (No Pic)
26/5 Gave up dairy! Village East Full English with Boiled Eggs
27/5 Oat Milk Smoothie Bowl

Fifth Row

28/5 Office Porridge with rice milk and a banana
29/5 Dairy Free and Gluten Free Pancakes for One (recipe coming soon)
30/5 Office Porridge with rice milk, vanilla seeds and a banana
31/5 Sweet Potato Muffin and a banana
1/6 Sweet Potato Muffin, apple, soy yoghurt

Bottom Row

2/6 Office Porridge with rice milk, dried fruit, almonds and banana
3/6 Muesli with rice milk and banana {unpictured banana bread}
4/6 Banana Cranola Parfait
5/6 Sausage bap with onion chutney at Artisan Coffee

As you can see I got a bit boring near the end there, I rely heavily on having on a stash of oats and bananas in my desk drawer.

Do you have any breakfasts you can leave in the cupboard/fridge at work for a quick breakfast?

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