Tried and Tested Smoothie Recipes

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I’ve been on a smoothie bender, I don’t know why it’s suddenly kicked in, it might be because I’ve discovered tried and tested smoothie recipes that keep me full until lunch. Rather than a hyped up juice that leaves me hungry. During this marathon training cycle, I need breakfasts and snacks that keep the runger at bay and stop me hitting the vending machine. These tried and tested smoothie recipes aren’t adhering to any nutrition plan or specific for training or any health fad I’m trying to follow, I’m just enjoying experimenting with breakfast again.

The Pin: Protein Recovery Hot Chocolate from Running Naturally

My Version:

Tried and Tested Smoothie Recipes Protein Hot Chocolate

What I Changed:

Nothing really, I used my steam wand on my coffee machine to get the milk hot. I immediately started dreaming up flavour combinations and I want to add a shot of coffee next too! Not technically a smoothie, but all the hallmarks of one!

The Pin: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie from Edible Perspective

My Version:

Tried and Tested Smoothie Recipes Cookie Smoothie

What I Changed:

This makes 500ml + of smoothie so I reduced a lot of the ingredients. I used a total of 1 cup of milk, only 1/3 cup of oats, 2 dates and 1 tbsp of chocolate chips in place of the cocoa and cacao. I’ve also only just noticed that it says ‘a handful of ice’ Oops. I found this way too decadent for breakfast, but now I know about the ice I think it would have served two quite well. It was delicious, just more like a milkshake than a smoothie.This would be a perfect post marathon treat to tide you over until lunch!

The Pin: Chocolate, Avocado, Banana Milkshake from The Full Helping

My Version:

Tried and Tested Smoothie Recipes Banana and Avocado

What I Changed:

I made half the recipe, and instead of 1.5tbsps of cacao I used a small tablespoon of cocoa and a tablespoon of oats to keep me full. This one was great, I didn’t eat lunch until 1 and I wasn’t too hangry. My avocado was pretty small so I used half and I think it was the avocado that kept me full. I would definitely make this again. One for the smoothie rotation.

The Folded Corner: Banana, Raspberry and Sesame Smoothie from the Ocado Magazine

My Version:

Tried and tested smoothie recipes sesame smoothie

Thanks to Ocado for letting me use their photo. Photography: Stuart Ovenden: Food Stylist: Aya Nishimura: Prop Stylist: Polly Webb-Wilson.

What I Changed:

This is my second deviation from Pinterest in these posts! In the last Ocado magazine there were four grab and go breakfast recipes. I’ve never tried any of their recipes but this smoothie recipe came out great. I used some frozen berries rather than fresh but this recipe was perfect to begin with. I also made their Overnight Chia Parfait and now I’m keen to try more of their recipes. Thanks Ocado!

What are your favourite smoothie recipes?



  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    I tend to use frozen sliced banana, frozen cherries or blueberries, a bit of almond milk and then sometimes peanut butter if I have been on a really long run. Although at the moment it’s still too cold for me to have one! I am still all about the post run cup of tea at the moment!

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