Tried and Tested Pins – Breakfast Edition

Inadvertently this month I bring you tried and tested breakfast recipes from Pinterest. I love trying new breakfasts, you may remember my Brex files.

So here are my tried and tested pins from the last month, I’m pleased to say there isn’t a single failure. To catch up on the other highs and lows see my previous tried and tested pins posts

The Pin: Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes from The Lean Green Bean

My Version:

Tried and Tested Breakfast Recipes Pancakes

What I Changed:

I used greek yoghurt (Total, not the greek style stuff)instead of cottage cheese, I don’t think it made any difference to the final product. WOW OH WOW these are fun to make, the bright orange batter is a joy before baking and the pancakes it produces are sweet and fluffy. Like Lindsay I didn’t bother with the added sweetener, my sweet potatoes were sweet enough and I piled mine up with natural peanut butter. I can’t wait to make these again for David, they are a great alternative to banana pancakes.


The Pin: Choco Banana Overnight Oats from The Healthy Foodie

My Version:

Tried and Tested Breakfast Recipes Overnight Oats

What I Changed:

I love how Sonia tells her stories through her blog and this was a pin I have been hoarding for a while. I didn’t add protein powder, millet, chia seed or buckwheat as I didn’t have any so I used some flax and a whole banana instead. Instead of soy milk in the morning I added coconut milk but I sadly had no chocolate at work so I went with raisins. Despite all the things I omitted this was still

The Pin: Peanut Butter Oatmeal with Nana-Coffee Cream by Nad’s Healthy Kitchen

My Version:

Tried and Tested Breakfast Recipes Porridge and Banana Coffee ice cream

What I Changed:

I didn’t add any of the stevia as I don’t normally sweeten my porridge, I also omitted the eggwhite as I couldn’t be bothered at 7am in the morning! It was good but quite time consuming and I don’t think I’d bother again. I’d make the coffee ice again for pudding though!


The Pin: Warm Sweet Potato Oatmeal from North Carolina Sweet Potatoes

My Version:

Tried and Tested Porridge Recipe

What I Changed:

Nothing! Can you tell from this post that I had a cupboard full of sweet potatoes? This was sensational porridge, absolutely umptous. So filling, warming, sweet and full of flavour, I used toasted crushed pecans. Whatever you do, don’t omit the maple syrup, treat yo’self.

I promise to bring you something other than breakfast next month but do tell me  what’s next on your breakfast ‘to make’ list? Let’s connect on Pinterest

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    • Stephanie says:

      It does make sense but it is a bit cumbersome, I’d probably say “I’ve never used sweet potatoes in a sweet recipe’. You definitely should. I want to try sweet potato brownies!

  1. Corinne says:

    Peanut Butter Oatmeal with Nana-Coffee Cream. You gotta be kicking me, that sounds absolutely amazing and not healthy at all! Why do I read posts like this when I’m hungry???

    Corinne x

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