Tried and Tested Dinners for Two

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I don’t know about you guys but cookery books and the internet seem to have a distinct lack of recipes for two people (let alone one person!). Some recipes you can easily half but many become unattainable

The Pin: Courgetti with Pesto from Two Peas and Their Pod.

My Version:

Dinners for Two Pesto and Courgetti Pasta

What I Changed: 

I had made my own basil and almond pesto the week before to use up some wilty basil, so we just prepared our courgette (2, as we halved it), tossed it all together in a pan as Maria suggests. I wish I’d had some cherry toms though as it looked a little two green, I sprinkled mine with pepper and a flax seedy mix.


The Pin: Spinach Filo Tart from Women and Home

My Version:

Tried and Tested Pins Dinners for Two

What I Changed:

Absolutely nothing, this recipe is rubbish, it just ends up swimming in cream, there is no thickener so the 150ml of cream just leaked out so the pastry didn’t crisp. Flavours were good but I wouldn’t make it again.


The Pin: Turkey, Thyme and Leek Meatloaf from BBC Good Food

My Version:

Turkey and Thyme Meatloaf Dinner for Two

What I Changed:

Not much, I didn’t love this and it wasn’t the kind of meatloaf I expected when I picked the recipe out. There is a lot of feedback on the recipe on the website and I’m included to agree. I wouldn’t make it again.

The Pin: Easy Sri Lankan Curry from Amuse Your Bouche

My Version:

Easy Sri Lankan Stew Dinner for Two

What I Changed:

Well my aubergine was enormous! So we ended up with loads, luckily this was really delicious. Yet again I highly rate Amuse your bouche!

Would you like to see more dinners for two, or shall I try finding some solo dinners?

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