Tried and Tested Fuelling

Marathon training is back upon us, and with it comes the need for MORE FOOD… hurrah! Here are some of the tried and tested fuelling recipes I’ve discovered on Pinterest over the last few weeks.

The Pin: Smoothie Bowl Recipe by Pop Sugar

My Version:

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What I Changed:

A smoothie is NEVER going to be enough breakfast for me, but eating it in a bowl with lots of added extras to make it super thick kept me full until lunch. I added protein powder to keep me fuller for longer. If you fancy something greener, see last week’s smoothie.

The Pin: Dad’s Friday Night Pasta Dish by Half Baked Harvest

My Version:

Tried and Tested Fuelling with Pasta

What I Changed:

I love Tieghan’s recipes and writing style, I recently spent a happy few hours reading her About and The Barn sections on her website. I made mine the night before and then simply grated the parmesan over the top and baked for the 45 minutes on the night I wanted to serve. I used sliced chorizo instead of pepperoni and added a cup of the pasta water to keep it from drying out.

The Pin: Salted Chocolate Pots from Amuse Your Bouche

My Version:

Tried and Tested Fuelling Chocolate

What I Changed:

Okay this may not count as tried and testing fuelling but we ate these as a treat after the aforementioned pasta. This recipe is SO easy, Becca is another of my favourite bloggers and appears many times in these round ups, I didn’t actually have any caramel, so for half of mine I used Pecan and Maple Peanut Butter (Thanks Hannah!) and the other half some amazing hazelnutty caramel spread I bought in France.

The Pin: Lemon, Tomato and Feta Coodles from The Londoner

My Version:

Tried and Tested Fuelling with Coodles

What I Changed:

Before you all shout for me joining the spiral wagon, I haven’t and I don’t even have a spiralliser I use a julienne peeler. I love Rosie’s recipes and this has been sat on my Pinterest board for so long I decided it was time to make it. I didn’t change anything.

What are your favourite meals for fuelling?


  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    Those chocolate pots sound amazing!
    After a race I do like some sort of mexican thing, like a veggie burrito- something about the wrap, beans, veggies, maybe cheese, just seems so filling and good for refuelling afterwards. And some cake of course.

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