Tried and Tested Summer Recipes

It’s not feeling very summery at the moment, but we have had some beautiful weather which inspired me to search for some sunny, seasonal recipes on Pinterest. Here are the summer recipes I’ve tried and tested over the last month. As well as some perfect treats for summer entertaining.

The Pin: Pea, Bacon and Potato Hash from Shutterbean

My Version:

Summer Recipes

What I Changed: 

I used sweet potato and used a regular frying pan (with a metal handle) as I don’t have a skillet. This was soooo yum! I love quick and easy dinners like this and it just goes to prove you don’t need a skillet!


The Pin: Carrot, Lentil and Raisin Salad from Deliciously Ella

My Version:

carrot, lentil and raisin salad

What I Changed:

I should probably just write this out for you as a separate recipe, I made this for lunchboxes and pretty much just used what I had in the cupboard and stuck to the dressing – which was fab. I used quinoa, carrots, red lentils, raisins, butter beans and sweet potato. The flavours intensified over the week and I had 4 yummy lunches.


The Pin: Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Pie from Kevin and Amanda

My Version:


A photo posted by Stephanie (@stephaniemuzzall) on

What I Changed:

Rather a lot to be honest, for starters I halved the recipe. It still served 7 generously – this baby is rich. To cut through the richness I also used Graham Crackers for the crust (digestives or Ritz would work) and I used ready made caramel mixed with custard cream spread for my filling. I had to get rid of both the jars to stop me eating them by the spoonful. Just to be really decadent I chopped up a Snickers and some Reese’s Cups to top it all off. Not sure this really belongs in a summer recipes post, but it was perfect on a hot evening with a cool gin and tonic.


The Pin: Oreo Truffles from Peach Trees and Bumblebees

My Version:

Summer Recipes Oreo Truffles

What I Changed:

Not very much, I just made half a batch for an after dinner treat when friends were visiting, when the weather is really hot I can’t face baking, but a little time melting the chocolate, stuff them in the fridge overnight and party ready treats are done!

What are your favourite summer recipes?


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  1. Sarah says:

    Gosh, my mouth is watering at the memory of that yummy tart- it was SO yummy! That hash looks divine too- super easy and yummy, definitely one to try!

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