Tried and Tested Pins – Weekday Winner Recipes

The first three weekday winner recipes I found on Pinterest go great together as they use up a whole pack of courgette and leek, not only am I testing recipes but I’m writing you a mini meal plan too 😉 If you swapped the mint in the frittata for parsley you’d make even more efficiencies. If these weekday winner dinners
aren’t your thing there are plenty of baked delights and breakfast wonders in my previous tried and tested pins posts.

The Pin: Leek, Courgette and Parsley Soup from Lucy’s Friendly Foods.

My Version:

weekday winner recipes courgette and parsley soup

What I Changed: 

We drizzled ours with sour cream rather than oil, it was delicious. We had a bowl each and there was enough leftover for 3 portions for the freezer.

The Pin: Ham and Leek Cannelloni from BBC Good Food

My Version:

 weekday winner recipes ham and leek cannelloni

What I Changed:

Nothing, except I used up some left over lasagne verdi that I had in the cupboard. This was really filling, warming and delicious, David and I only got three portions out of it as we are a hungry pair. We had ours with salad, if you added two veg you would definitely got four portions.

The Pin: Courgette, Goat’s Cheese and Mint Frittata from Kavey Eats

My Version:

 Weekday winner recipes fritatta

What I Changed:

I baked mine in the oven because I am lazy and I added a little Greek yoghurt. Delish. Cat, Polly and I had this for dinner with purple sprouting broccoli and G&T’s!


The Pin: Deliciously Ella’s Chipotle Sweet Potato Skillet

My Version:

Tried and Tested Pins, Weekday Winner Recipes Sweet Potato

What I Changed:

I added extra rice to make it serve 2 and as I don’t think we get minced peppers here in the UK, I used a mixture of tomato puree and easy chilli. Ella fails to mention where the chipotle goes but I stirred mine through before adding the eggs. Much better than my previous Ella experience!


I’m always looking for recipes to add to my Meal Planning board on Pinterest, want me to test one out for you? Let’s connect on Pinterest

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  1. Kavey says:

    Lovely to hear you enjoyed my frittata recipe, it’s great to take inspiration from each other and change up our cooking a little, I think. Thank you for letting me know!

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