2 Challenges, One Month

Charlie challenged us to do 21 days of yoga in January and I {stupidly} decided to do a plank a day challenge!

The Runner Beans

As the month comes to an end today I thought I’d let you know how I got on with the yoga challenge and share with you all the online videos and classes I did, in case you want to set your own yoga challenge.

Power Yoga Co

  1. 3/1/14 The House of Yoga, Hot Power Hour
  2. 4/1/14 Lululemon, Forrest Inspired Yoga
  3. 5/1/14 Putney Leisure Centre, Hatha Yoga (£9.50 for non members)
  4. 6/1/14 Gillian Micheals Home Practise
  5. 7/1/13 Denise Austin: Yoga Metabolism Booster Workout, Home Practise
  6. 8/1/14 The House of Yoga,  Hot Power Basics
  7. 9/1/14 Blogilates  x 2 and a Yoga for Runners one I can’t find
  8. 10/1/14 The House of Yoga, Hot Power Hour
  9. 11/1/14 Ekhart Yoga, Home Practise (very relaxing and basic)
  10. 13/1/14 Physio for Life, Pilates (first class is £5)
  11. 14/1/14 Denise Austin: Hot Body Yoga, Home Practise
  12. 15/1/14 The House of Yoga, Hot Power Hour
  13. 16/1/14 Ekhart Yoga, Hip Opening Home Practise
  14. 17/1/14 The House of Yoga, Hot Power Hour
  15. 20/1/14 Physio for Life, Pilates
  16. 22/1/14 Pilates, Home Practise + Pigeon pose!
  17. 23/1/14 Adventure Yogi, Mini Yoga Retreat
  18. 24/1/14 The House of Yoga, Hot Power Hour
  19. 26/1/14 The Power Yoga Co, Hot Power
  20. 27/1/14 Physio for Life, Pilates
  21. 29/1/14 The Power Yoga Co, Hot Power
  22. 29/1/14 Sweaty Betty, Vinyasa Flow

Woop 22!


I also randomly decided to do a plank a day challenge as part of my ongoing commitment to my core! This was really tough and David was participating with me until Day 9 when he decided that 60 seconds a day was enough for him!plank

I managed to get to day 16 before realising this was a slightly silly plan (I just googled it and picked one) 15 sec jumps?! No thanks. So I just continued doing as long as I can each day reaching 165secs by 29th. That’s a 2:45 plank! I never imagined in a million years I’d be able to do that. I didn’t beat it today though, so It’s a standing record!

What’s your favourite yoga class?

Do you have a new challenge for me?

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