Brunch at Del Aziz, Fulham – Review

On Sunday, I had a relatively short 18km run on my training plan. One thing to note about training for a marathon is that if you have a non-running boyfriend like me you start seeing them a lot less (Leah wrote a fab piece about this). So rather than heading out with the girls or the Windmilers, we picked somewhere for brunch and I made a route accordingly.

After seeing Team Pain Au Chocolat’s pictures of Del Aziz I’d had it on my list for a while, we have a branch close to us, David approved the menu and there we had it  – a date! Brunch at Del Aziz, Fulham.


Because of the glorious weather I arrived a little later than expected (busy taking pictures, saying morning to everyone and pottering slowly!)and David was settled with a coffee inside, I dragged him outside (in hindsight a mistake) and rummaged in the bag of stuff I’d made him lug over (inc the camera) and popped my Nuun in a glass of water. It was surprisingly hot and I was feeling a tad dehydrated. Something the waitress realised after I downed our glasses of water and she bought over a jug instead!


Despite planning on having french toast as recommend by Charlie, who I’ve not met yet, but know I am going to love! I went for the Portobello Scrambled Eggs, and David went for the Bacon and Egg Bap.


Whilst we waiting for our meal, I snuck inside to grab a few snaps of the sweeter morsels on offer and we decided we’d choose one to share for pudding! As nice as the meringues looked, I’m not sure I could have had one for breakfast.


There was so much good looking cake, it was almost impossible to choose, so David and I perused the photos, judging each cake whilst we sat outside.


To go with our breakfast we each selected a smoothie. I went for their Wake-Up smoothie, with banana and oats. David had their only non-banana smoothie, the Purple Haze. He hates bananas with a passion. These were delicious, but at £4.35 a pop, I’m not sure I’d have one next time.


By this point I was getting a little chilly, at Breakfast time Del Aziz is on the shady side of the street and I was rather jealous of those sitting outside the cafe on the otherside. When I say ‘street’ don’t picture the one you drove to work on. This is a lovely quiet, pedestrianised corner of Fulham and it felt very continental in the sunshine! There were lots of locals popping into Del Aziz to grab a croissant, even the local bobbys!


Yippee, the food has arrived, but I already regretted my healthy choice! I munched through the salad and saved all the best bits until last. The bread, mushrooms and scrambled eggs were all delicious and well cooked. The scrambled egg was a little too healthy for my liking (not sure there was any butter) but I am sure this is how the discerning ladies of Fulham like it!

David’s brunch looked good too and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I was freezing by the time I finished my lunch so we decided to go for a walk in the sunshine and pass up the cake.  I nipped inside to use the  (lovely) loos and pay. Glancing longingly at the cakes as I waited I noticed the flapjack was £5, enormous though it was, that’s a little too much for me. I staarted to get the impression that Del Aziz might not be the place for post run hunger pangs but instead a posh brekkie or slice of cake with the girls.


We paid just over £30 inc tip for what you see above. Which I initially felt a bit sore about, but have come to acknowledge as fair.

I left still hungry and we wandered through Fulham in the sunshine to Bishops Park farmer’s market and then topped up my tummy with a slice of cake at the lovely Drawing Room Cafe at Fulham Palace, I’ve been there before after parkrun but I’ll have to give it a proper review soon. In the end we skipped lunch and had an early roast dinner after my yoga class. A great day of eats!

I will go back to Del Aziz again, but for dinner to try out one of their tagines!

How much would you spend on brunch? I think I felt hard done by because one of the cafes in Putney does a huge Full English and pot of tea for £12!

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