Chocoholic’s Afternoon Tea – Review

DSC04921Morning chocolate lovers! We are all chocolate lovers right? Otherwise this is going to be a bit awkward, as there is a lot of chocolate going on in this post. Also, who doesn’t love chocolate? Okay it might night be your favourite, but you like chocolate right?

Before Christmas David and I whisked ourselves away from the hustle, bustle, craziness and anticipation and snuggled away in the basement at the Flemings Hotel Mayfair. Notice I mention basement, so hopefully you will forgive the quality of my pictures of their fabulous Chocoholic’s Afternoon Tea.

DSC04925We purchased our afternoon tea a while back on Groupon and had been saving it for a special occasion, but really who needs an occasion! If you like the look of the pictures below or are happy to take my word that it is a good tea then it’s £20 for 2 on Travelzoo at the moment. Not as good as The Bingham though. For £20 and if you love chocolate then get yourself a bargain Chocoholic’s Afternoon Tea!

Anyway enough waffling from me, you want to see the goodies, right?

Chocoholic’s Afternoon Tea

The afternoon started in proper style with a glass of pink fizz which was included in the price.

Chocoholic's Afternoon Tea Champers


David and I both winced slightly when we saw the sandwiches come out. I had said on the bus over that the theme could go one way or the other, it could be overdone and sickly, or stylish and tasty. We saw the brown bread and though oh no. Chocolate flavoured bread? Luckily the chefs at Flemings are not that silly and instead had done four classic afternoon sandwiches in different breads. The good ol’ white loaf, rye, beetroot and a granary. I have to say the rye didn’t work that well for me. I would have preferred the rye to be used to make a tartine/open sandwich which suits the bread better. Two slices of rye with a little egg mayo was a bit heavy.

Chocoholic's Afternoon Tea Sandwiches


Our top tier was where the chocolate hit us with a bang, but actually not in an overly sickly way, they balanced the flavours perfectly and kept everything small and varied. Talking of tiers, would anyone else be disappointed if their afternoon tea didn’t come with some crockery at height?

We had black cherry financiers, chocolate eclairs, brownies, truffles and whippy topped cupcakes. I enjoyed it all and we took our time to savour the flavours.

Chocoholic's Afternoon Tea SweetsChocoholic's Afternoon Tea Cupcake


Again, this could have gone badly but I loved the chocolate scones, my only comment would be to make them smaller. I much prefer having a few smaller ones like I did at The Ham Yard Hotel, they are just a bit easier to handle and spread with (as much) clotted cream (as possible). The crowning glory of the scone course was the introduction of lime curd. I don’t like strawberry jam and I think it would have been too much with chocolate scones anyway, the zesty, sharp, sweet, citrus of the curd was a beautiful combination with rich chocolate scones.

Chocoholic's Afternoon Tea SconeChocoholic's Afternoon Tea Scones





Fleming’s had a lovely ambiance and the food and service were lovely. I would recommend it if you are looking for a bit of a different afternoon tea, they also have a room available for afternoon tea parties!

If you are in the market for an afternoon tea, have a read through my other reviews.

So fess up, do you love chocolate too or does this look like an afternoon tea travesty to you?

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