Fischer’s Baslow Hall – review


Picture from Fischer’s website


Picture from Fischer’s website

You may be able to tell that I love good food, in fact if it wasn’t for a full time job, blogging and running I would probably eat all day long and put myself into a food induced coma.

But seriously guys, a while back David and I decided that we deserved a few treats, neither of us have things we particularly want as presents, so we drew up a list of restaurants we’d love to visit and plan to tick them off for birthdays, anniversaries etc.

One of the restaurants on our list was Fischer’s Baslow Hall. David comes from the area as you can probably tell from my Bakewell Pudding posts. Despite being local he’d never eaten there, it also happened that David’s Dad birthday is the same weekend as mine, so we made a reservation and poodled up the M1 for a very special dinner for 3.

Fisher’s Baslow Hall is a Michelin starred restaurant but right from arrival it offered something very different from other Michelin starred restaurants I’ve visited (Only two others, I’m not made of money!) we were greeted and then taken through into a bar/anti room where we treated to a couple of AMAZING amuse bouche. We also indulged in a G&T each, it was a celebration after all. We were given a rillettes with dust and little crackers (more crackers next time please, it was a crime to have to leave that rillette) and sweet and spicy nuts. At this point we were given a choice of two different menus for sinner to peruse as well as the wine lists.

We settled on the set menu rather than the tasting menu (I’m always wary of tasting menus, what if I really don’t like one of the courses!) we all struggled to pick what we wanted, but managed to settle on the following:


Mosaic of Rabbit Wrapped in Carrot

Pan Fried John Dory x 2
came with white truffle gnocchi, Wye Valley asparagus, Sauternes sauce


Derbyshire Pork Jowl Slow Cooked & Caramelised in Maltose x 2

Slow Roasted Loin & Shoulder of Rose Veal
which came with hand rolled macaroni, truffle dressing & herb purée


we opted for a ‘Taste of Fischers’ Which meant we got 3 puddings each!

  1. Toasted Marshmallow coconut meringues, mango, passion fruit & lime leaf sorbet
  2. Brillat-Savarin Panna Cotta pomegranate granita
  3. Chocolate Tree Trunk hazelnut granita, coconut sorbet, chocolate mousse

Fischer’s sets its self apart because it splits the dining room into 3 separate parts each with 3-5 tables in, so it feels lovely and intimate and special. In our part of the dining room we were sat with two couples having the tasting menu but there was no plate envy. On their regular menu we still got to have the carrot consommé (a separate item on the taster) and one of the dessert options was to have a taster, so we got to try two different desserts. As we had the amuse bouche beforehand this equates to 6 courses in my book.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Fisher’s Baslow Hall, it would make a great place for a destination weekend away. There is lots to see and do in the area.

I was not asked to do this review, nor were we given anything for free. I simply loved it and wanted to spread the word 

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