Say Goodbye to the Gym in Bristol

While I am away Laureen very kindly agreed to write about her experiences of saying goodbye to the gym in Bristol.


Although I have a gym subscription at the Uni gym, I have been working out a lot from home lately as it’s more convenient. I will not get another gym membership next year and will invest in some free weights to take my home workouts to the next level. Here are some of my favourite ways to say goodbye to the gym.

Start a running club

I have started a running club, Bristol Uni Medical Student (B.U.M.S) On The Run where I train beginners from couch to 5K and intermediates to integrate speedwork, hill training and pacing exercises. Helping others to reach their goal has been the perfect way to renew my love for running. We are starting another 6-week course on the 29th of April, come and join us if you are in Bristol.

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Nike Training Club app

I really love the NTC app. You can choose your level of fitness (beginners, intermediate or advances) as well as your aim (get lean, toned or strong). My favourites is the “get focused” ones, which focus on a body part for 15min. Many of them do not require any gym equipment and use your body weight. My favourite one is “perfect alignment”, which seems very easy but will give you pod DOMS the following day.


Kayla Itsines Bikini Boody Guide

I have started this as part of my cross training. The guide is based on 3 workouts per week, focussing on legs and cardio, arbs and arms and total body workout. I have been doing it for a month, only twice a week. I like the variety of the workout and I am starting to feel stronger.


Are you based in Bristol? Don’t forget to check out Laureen’s blog to see what else she gets up to.

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