Hakkasan Dim Sum Sundays – Review

We like to have a non-new-year-new-year-celebration, going out on New Years Eve is expensive, over rated and a nightmare to get home from. So for the last few years David and I have saved our pennies from NYE and watched the city fireworks from our bedroom window instead.


With our saved pennies we treat ourselves to a rather lovely dinner out in mid January when all the restaurants have deals on! Last year we went to the lovely Chez Bruce in Wandsworth, this year we picked the amazing (and boozy) Dim Sum Sunday menu at Hakkasan, Hanway Place.

This arrangement also helps us to work our way through our list of London Michelin Starred resturants – we are foodies, what can I say! Currently I’m one up on David, let’s hope I can keep it that way *cheeky wink*

I’d been for a 15km run in the morning, so I was pretty hungry and Hakkasan did not let me down. I realised I was full ¬†and then that we had yet to see our ‘small plate’, main or dessert. Eeek. I still ate it all!

I ate the first squid that I have ever enjoyed and allowed dim sum to tickle my tastebuds in flavours and presentation that were beautiful, multilayered and interesting. The deal includes a welcome cocktail to go with the sensory explosion of duck and grapefruit salad, a half bottle of (proper) champagne each and another cocktail to go with dessert. After my run in the morning, I was a little merry by the time we left at 3:30/4ish!

The meal was incredible, setting dark with perfect lighting to illuminate your food and fellow diners with discrete and intelligent staff to finish off the combination. We arrived at one and were given the option to slow down our meal if we liked (which we did) we were not rushed and thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in our little corner of dim sum heaven.

You may be thinking where the bloody hell are the pictures? Well I was having such a lovely time eating that I forgot (until dessert because it was incredible), however blogger extraordinare Rosie, reviewed the lunch with lovely pictures here. Check out the pumpkin fried dim sum – my favourite.

Now, ladies and gents, I give you dessert…


A work of art in sight, taste and smell. It included HAZELNUT BUTTER! I think this may be the best dessert I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten a lot!

David’s was also genius, except the little pastry sticks were rather boring, I think shortbread would have been nicer.



What do you do for New Years?

Are there any restaurants on your must visit list?

I was not paid nor invited to go to Hakkasan, we just really liked it.

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