The Ham Yard Hotel Afternoon Tea – A Review

I am a more than a little obsessed with afternoon tea, an excuse to get together with friends and eat all my favourite things.. I’m in!

The Ham Yard Hotel Afternoon Tea Stand

I’ve recently tried two of the new Firmdale Hotel Group’s Afternoon Tea offerings. The Firmdale group have bought up little bits of London hidden in yards, alleys and mews just off the main hubs and turned them into beautiful boutique hotels with individual decoration and fun inclusions like tiny bowling alleys or private cinema screens. Each hotel has its own personality and as such the pastry chef is given free reign on their afternoon tea. As well as the beautiful one below I also tried the innovative High Brunch at the Soho House Hotel which possibly tops this one just for managing to get even more of my favourite things in one meal!

This sounds like a bit of an advert, but I found firmdale of my own accord and paid for everything it’s just truly a really great experience, I may have to work my way around all their afternoon teas!

The Savouries

The Ham Yard Hotel Afternoon Tea Savouries


As I said, they are a pretty innovative bunch and at The Ham Yard Hotel they shun a plethora of curly sandwiches and give you a selection of delicious savouries. As well as the a classic sandwich flavour each we had a veggie quiche, sausage roll and incredible hoi sin duck sliders. All came to the table pipping hot and beginning to be tucked into. Normally the savoury part of an afternoon tea seems like a mere formality to make it count as a proper meal, but in this case they were the stars on the show!

The Sweets

The Ham Yard Hotel Afternoon Tea Sweets


Macarons, Key lime pie shot, blackberry cupcake, eclairs, red velvet brownie and a chocolate tart. The only bad thing I have to say about these beauties is that there was three of us, and there was only 1/2 of each item. I would have preferred to have had less and have three of each so that we could each have some. We tried cutting some in half but when they are such delicate petit fours its a bit tricky. These change weekly, but you can follow the pastry chef on Instagram for a sneak preview!

The Scones

The Ham Yard Hotel Afternoon Tea Scones

This was an excellent idea, instead of big scones we had 3 mini ones each and a mixture of plain and fruit. I would go back just for the scones alone. I had to ask for extra clotted cream *smug grin* but they happily obliged.

The Tea

The Ham Yard Hotel had a vast selection of teas and herbal infusions, it was a bit too much to chose from really. My fellow diners went for some of their classic flavours and I had a fresh lemon and ginger infusion.

At £18 per person this is the best value afternoon tea I’ve ever had and I’ve been to a few. If you are looking for an afternoon tea in Central London then to The Ham Yard Hotel for afternoon tea!

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