Say Goodbye to the Gym – Keeping motivated

Ugh February, the January motivation has gone, but the first glimmers of spring remind us that the sun is coming too. If you are running a spring marathon the miles are probably finally feeling real and your other exercise plans may be falling by the way side. There’s no secret to keeping motivated but I do think variety is the spice of life. Here is how I’ve been keeping motivated this month.

Sweaty Betty Run Club Bristol

Sorry for the grainy, dark, picture. Sweaty Betty run a whole host of free classes, and while I was in Bristol visiting Laureen we tagged along for a hill training session with Sweaty Betty and I finally met the lovely Clare who I reckon I have known online for at least two years now! You can now book online for the Sweaty Betty classes nearest you and you can try pilates, box fit, run club and much more.

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Keeping Motivated with SkiingSkiing

It’s safe to say guys I was bloody TERRIFIED of skiing, but after a week of lessons in Meribel with the fabulous Marco from New Generation and tuns of fun with our friends including a ‘pass the baguette’ relay race I’m hoping that skiing can become an annual event for me. I’m sort of parallel turning and felt my strength growing every day. But the best bit about skiing is the cheese – goodness gracious there is a lot of cheese and I LOVE it (and skiing).

If you ever get the chance to go skiing, face the fear and do it. Make sure you book lessons though, the first day I didn’t have a lesson and my boyfriend accidentally took me down the hardest green in the resort – almost put me off for life. When you meet someone that says the don’t like skiing ask if they had friends try to teach them. It seems a common problem. I do love my friends but ski instructors are the experts and when you can get up to speeds of 40kmph (my top speed for the week) you want an expert.


Keeping Motivated with Gymbox Circuits Gymbox Psycho Circuits

Well cor blimey guys! I went to try a new gym/exercise space near one of my offices. Gymbox can be found across London and are launching a new space soon. I’m hesitant to call it a gym because it is an amazing space, pretty much all open plan as you may be able to see from the image. It is full of funky lighting and a warehouse like feel. So refreshing from those brightly lit gyms with horrible off putting mirrors. It reminded me of Boom Cycle.

I haven’t explained my cockney expletive – I attended the Psycho Circuits class at 7am on a Thursday, the 5:45am alarm call was not the Psycho bit. It was HARDCORE! We got through the first 20 minutes when the teacher said “that’s the warm up done” Arghhh I thought that was the circuits. I say this in jest, I l-o-v-e-d this class. The atmosphere was pumping and I got paired up with a lovely lady called Charlotte for the weight, step, squat, ab, circuit which was an awesome way to keep us both motivated. You guys know how I feel about nakedness and I am pleased to say they have individual shower cubicles inside the changing rooms with conditioner – woop. They know how to  make a happy Magpie!

Keeping Motivated with Lululemon

Lululemon night head torch run.

These images make it look a little bit like I was getting abducted by aliens but actually I ventured out with the fantastic Cat and Lululemon Richmond for their latest awesome free run. A head torch adventure around Richmond Park.

I’m not so keen on running with a head torch, but being in a group made it so much better and it was a great opportunity to see which brands were brightest.

I provided some snacks for us hungry runners! These were my slightly adapted version of Cynthia’s Easy Energy Balls.

Lululemon even treated us to chips and beer afterwards – amazing! I had a great night catching up with Jen who I’d not seen since Bacchus and Justin who I’d not seen since Country to Capital. You can see Lululemon Richmond’s upcoming events on Facebook or search for your local store.

Have you ever been to a gym that’s not like a gym?

What do you think of running with a head torch?

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  1. Claire @ Flake and Cake says:

    Yay for SB running nights! It was so awesome to run with you and you did a fab job considering what you’d been up to at the weekend!
    I adore skiing, definitely my fave way to workout (especially as it justifies chips, hot chocolates and Twix bars!).

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