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It was a beautiful sunny evening in Putney and David and I headed down to the relatively new Kitchenette for dinner.  I’ve been there before but only sampled the cocktails as Kitchenette were kind enough to host us for a meeting of Putney Bake Club.

Kitchenette Review ProseccoPart of the Tom’s Kitchen Group, they have 4 restaurants in Istanbul and have bought all the flavours of Istanbul here to Putney! It’s a little away from the mass of  chain restaurants in Putney, tucked down on Putney Bridge Road on the way to Wandsworth.

Because of the aformentioned weather we put on our sunniest glad rags (yes I’m wearing that dress again)and enjoyed the walk through the hustle and bustle of the high street. Kitchenette has a beautiful frontage with a big old rolving door and lots of folding frontage, in the great weather all the doors and windows were open. We were greeted by the lovely Melanie who I had met whilst organising the Putney Bake Club meeting, we picked a lovely sunny table by the front terrace and were spoilt to a glass of prosecco to start off our meal.


Kitchenette OutsideIt’s not just the menu which is Turkish inspired, the light airy restaurant has lovely touches of Istanbul throughout, beautiful tiles here and there and a beautiful display of herbs, spices and oils. The restaurant is split into 3 sections as well as the entrance (with amazing cakes) and a terrace; although being big it feels like you are in small local restaurant once you’ve sat down. I can also vouch for their fab function room downstairs which is where we held our Putney Bake Club meeting, it’s simple and stylish with a private bar.

We were about to dive head long into the menu picking some mezze to start when I spotted the following deal. This was a perfect choice for us as I think I would have stuck with ‘safe’ options that I knew and loved whereas this made us try something new at every course!

We Ate:

£29 per person, for two to share

Starting with a sharing cocktail, this lovely little number below. We got about a glass and a half each from the carafe. Very tasty, very easy to drink, one of those sneaky ones that you forget has booze in it!

Kitchenette Review Sharing Cocktail Kitchenette Review Cocktail

Next up our starter

We Ate: Mezze platter for 2

This was FANTASTIC. If you were looking for somewhere for pre dinner drinks and nibbles/or pre cinema (which is round the corner), this would be perfect. You could order some extra bread and share it between four, but not if I’m with you.

Kitchenette Review Meze Platter

It contains: hummus, esme, vine leaf dolma, beans pilaki, baba ganush, falafel and comes with beautiful toasty, grilled bread to scoop everything up with. The hummus was delicately spiced, the babaganoush creamy, but the dolma… oh the dolma. Next time I’ll be ordering some to keep to myself. David and I both agreed they were the best dolma we’ve had and the best thing on the plate. Delish!

We loved it so much, we forget about all the food to come and completely cleared the plate…

Kitchenette Review Empty Platter
For main, we had another sharing platter:

We Ate: Kitchenette Grill

Kitchenette Review Main Course

The menu states that this is chicken, kül basti, köfte, prawns. But is it so much more than that, the meat comes piled on top of delicate spinach, tasty peppers and beautiful new potatoes. The pictures absolultely don’t do this justice, it was ALOT of food.

Kitchenette Review Meat

The prawns were perfectly cooked and juicy, in fact all of the meat was dreamy, we were allowed to choose how the lamb was cooked and I opted for medium rare. You may know I’m not a big meat lover but I really liked this lamb. David normally looks forward to extra meat with this sort of meal, but no such luck at Kitchenette.

What I really loved about this course (and this set menu) was the social aspect, we served each other, worked our way through the different meats, discussing the flavours of each one. The sharing aspect and enjoyment we got from talking about the food elevated the dish to the next level.

Kitchenette Review Serving

The final part of the meal deal was the dessert and I was pleased to see that instead of a stingy sorbet or mini pud that you often find on set menus we were invited to choose any two desserts from the menu.

We ate: Baklava with ice cream and Mastic Oven Baked Rice Pudding

Now ‘Mastic’ you are wondering what the hell that is right? So did I. This is a good time to mention how friendly and attentive the staff at Kitchentte were, we’d already had some lovely interactions with the waitresses but when I asked about Mastic it went to a new level! Turns out it’s a thickening agent which in this case is used to make the rice pudding thicker, it’s a gum type thing that comes from the Mastic tree. It’s so nice to see them using authentic ingredients to go with their Turkish menu. The rice pudding was super tasty with delicate spices and zest to finish the meal off perfectly.

Kitchenette Review Rice Pudding Kitchenette Review Baklava

As we’d been sharing so far we carried on sharing our desserts between the two of us, they were both beautiful and nice big portions which I love. I’ve ordered baklava for dessert in restaurants before and been presented two/three tiny pieces that barely touch the sides so this was a refreshing (and filing) change. Having had baklava at Hafiz Mustafa in the summer I can tell you that this was on a par with the best. I’d come again for Baklava alone.

The set menu is available for dinner, daily 6pm – 10pm but I would say go hungry, we finished all our food but were a little over full. If we went again I’d opt for just a starter or a dessert rather than both, that being said I don’t regret our choice it was a great way to introduce us to all the great flavours on the menu so next time we go we will know what to order. One dolma and one lamb -thanks!

KitchenetteWhilst we were there we also noticed they have a range of daily deals, from 241 cocktails on ladies night to 15% off for local diners. I was distracted for a good 5 minutes by their stormin brunch menu and I can’t wait to go down and try out some of their Menemen after a long run one Sunday.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed Kitchenette. If you are a local or visiting it’s really worth a visit and offer a different cuisine to anything else you get in Putney and a nice change from the ubiquitous chains that are becoming all too common on our high streets.

Have you tried Turkish food?

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We were not invited to write this review and paid for all our food (except a glass of prosecco each), I just like telling you about my local restaurant scene.


  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    The starter and desserts look good. I have not been to a Turkish restaurant but when I was younger we went to Turkey and my overriding memory was that vegetarian food equaled grilled cheese sandwiches and watermelon slices!

    • Stephanie says:

      Oh no Maria, that sounds awful, I think the food has come a long way since then, there are LOADS of great veggie options. They’ve gone back to their routes rather than trying to westernise!

  2. Lucy says:

    Yum it all looks so tasty! I think it is pretty good value for London considering you got a carafe of cocktail out of it too 🙂 if only I lived south of the river! Perhaps worth a trip..!

    • Stephanie says:

      I wonder if they’ll open some more, maybe if we make this one popular enough! If you do come south of the river give me a shout, I’m keen to sample more of the cocktail menu 😉

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