Mix up your fitness in London

After a detour to Bristol, I’m back in London and exploring new ways of keeping out of the gym!

London is a great place to try the latest fitness trends, I am truly lucky to live in such a busy city. Why not try these London classes.

GymBox Pound

Say goodbye to the gym Gymbox Pound

It was really easy to get the moves, and I have zero coordination, the instructor was fabulous giving a great vibe and loads of power to the class. It felt like a 45 minute party, the most fun you can have with sticks and I still got a sweat on. One of the things I loved was that the other class participants couldn’t wax lyrical about it enough. No trainers needed so a great one for a day when you don’t want to lug extra shoes to the office or you forget!


Tai Chi Vietnam is better than Cyclebeat

My experience here has already been alluded to on Charlie’s blog. It pretty much ruined my day. Haha. The workout was okay. The instructor spent the whole class trying to sell his watt bike tests, I didn’t like the leaderboard format and then to top it all they had communal showers, there was no hot water, the whole changing room floor was sodden from the class before. I dropped my knickers and had to buy new ones. Bad times. Grumpy Stephanie. There are much better indoor cycling London classes out there.

Power Plate

When I used to be a member of a gym, they acquired 3 power plate machines, before you could use them you had to book in a 30 minute session with the particular member of staff trained to use them and it was all a bit too much of a faff so I never used them, fast forward a few years of gym free life and Charlie invited me to try a new power plate only class with her. Out of all the London classes I’ve been to, here the class size is tiny (3), they run all day and last just thirty minutes. I loved this work out, it worked my whole body and I felt energised. Another one for days you forget trainers too.   


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I’ve been getting off at Waterloo and walking to my office in Holborn. One day I clocked up 12km! I get to see beautiful views like this of our wonderful city and love finding new bits of London I would never discovered otherwise. I’ve learnt my lesson though and invested in some semi smart trainers for walking to work in as my feet were in agony after a day in unsupportive pumps. While we have the summer sun, shun the tube and get out there!

How are you keeping active in this beautiful weather?

Any tips for days when you forget your trainers?



  1. Louise @louliveswell says:

    Yay for walking! I have recently discovered a new found love of walking. I cycle to work though so I either go for a walk at lunchtime or go round the block after work. In the summer it’s perfect!

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