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Living in London has a lot of perks. There’s loads of things to do, great transport, a dozen options for everything and culture on my doorstep. What it doesn’t have though is farm fresh foods, when it comes to food miles its pretty difficult to avoid a fair amount in London. I tend to do all my shopping online, trying my best to be aware of seasonality and picking what is shown as British. Often this ends up being quite expensive as well as being a smaller range of options.


I miss the days of popping down to the ‘squash barrow’ with my Mum and picking a plethora of colourful squash and leaving our change in the honesty pot. I cherish my trips to Derbyshire where vegetables are pulled from the allotment and meat bought from a school friend of David’s. One Easter holiday as a child I spent selling Pumpkins with a friend of the family on their farm ¬†– memories to treasure.


There are farmers markets all over London, I know the food miles are pumped up with the petrol it takes to get there and half of our local market seems to be from the Isle of Wight. But I cherish the interaction with stallholders, the wide selection of fare,¬†ambience, sights and smells as much as supporting the farmers market. I even spotted some squashes I haven’t seen since the ‘barrow’.


There was a stall selling a whole host of Goats Cheese made using milk from his goat, so if you are suffering the Waitrose goats cheese shortage get down to your local market! I know going to a market is nothing new, but I wanted to share my fab Saturday morning with you and encourage you to head to your local market.


Of course I popped to Parkrun first so a coffee was in order when we got there. David proclaimed this was the second best coffee he’d ever had so we’ll be buying beans on our next trip to the market.

Beautiful coffee

Beautiful coffee

We’d planned a roast and crumble for Sunday so order of the day was veggies and apples. It took a lot of self restraint to resist the wide varieties of golden baked loaves and creamy coloured cheeses.

These beauties were not resisted:


We bought from 5 stalls and every time you hand your cash over you feel a warm fuzzy feeling that the person taking your hard earned money will get to spend it and directly benefit. So different than begrudgingly handing over your card to the Saturday girl in Sainsbury’s (I’ve been that girl, I have nothing against them).


David’s cake got a little squashed in our back pack

I’m hoping to head down to the market at least once a month from now on and reduce the amount of fresh food I buy from Ocado.


Do you go to your local market?

What’s your favourite thing to pick up at the market?

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