Mondrian at Sea Containers – Review

Yet again I went for brunch. I love food, I love breakfast, I’m a busy lady, meeting friends for breakfast/brunch just makes sense. I can still squeeze in chores, workouts, time with David, blogging, and all the other kitten caboodle I have to do at weekends.

Sea Containers Breakfast

I  know some of you reading might be my friends in real life, and hate it when I say my weekends are booked for 4 weeks and we need to get something in the diary. It makes me sound overly popular I know, but actually it’s because I like to give you all the time you deserve and don’t want to lose contact. By putting everything in my diary I can remember where I need to be and when. I have a terrible memory and juggling training, work, life, travel and feeding this little space with words is a challenge, but a challenge I love and I wouldn’t swap for anything. So humour me when I start asking you about dates in May, it’s already stressing me out I won’t be seeing any of you in April. But that’s a story for another post.

FSea Containers Toiletor those of you that don’t know my reliance on my outlook calendar think of me as a swan, I may look organised on the surface but that is only because of my feet paddling manically and flicking through the filing cabinet and diary in my mind. Charlie recently wrote a post about making the most of your time and whilst I do most of these already it certainly reminded me that I am a little obsessed.

One of Charlie’s points is to schedule down time and I find this really important, growing up as on only child I’m not used to having people around all the time, I always keep one day a week free for just a day at work and time at home with David, no running, no coffee dates, just time. We even try to leave our shiny, digital items off.

Scheduling my life means I have the opportunity to plan things in advance and when Charlie, Lissy, Harry and I saw the hoarding come down around Shipping Containers on South Bank we knew it had to go in our diaries. We waited 4 weeks but the day finally came, I put on my glad rags and skipped down to Mondrian Sea Containers for brunch.

Sea Containers DecorationI got there a little before the girls so took my camera off for a sneak around, the hotel is immaculately designed with beautiful boat models and much more to not around. Including the fabulous toilets which made me feel like I was in some sort of modern reincarnation of titanic.

We were sat in the middle of the restaurant at a round table and I picked a place looking out over the path on the South Bank, great for people watching.

I flicked through the complimentary papers and settled myself down with a coffee as the gals arrived, all equally excited to see the menu. Unfortunately the menu online is not up to date and the ‘bakery’ section is not available. My first disappointment I had my eye on the scones! There was plenty to choose from and we settled on the following:

Sea Containers CoffeeNow I have to warn you about a rant, the girls had this on the day and now I’ve decided to subject you it. It also has an impact on my Mondrian Sea Containers Review, so as it probably makes me bias I better fess up… I HATE eating foods off of chopping boards. Chopping boards are for the kitchen, they don’t hold sauce in, so what the heck was I supposed to do with my syrup? I ended up dipping my pancakes into it. So I already sorted of hated my breakfast before it arrived. It was fine, the pancakes were clearly made much earlier in the day and not reheated but it was fine. Yes, just fine.

I’m stealing this bit of format from my last review.


The Bottom Line

I wouldn’t go here again unless I was going on company business and someone was claiming the bill back. It was a nice location but it was awkward picking and choosing from a menu around hotel guests digging into the buffet. The coffee wasn’t worth £4 and I’d rather go and support a smaller coffee shop.


Food: 6 marks out of 10 (because of the BOARD)
Atmosphere: 6 marks out of 10
Service: 7 marks out of 10

Have you been to Sea Containers? I here it is great for cocktails, so I will have to give it one more try 😉

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  1. Laureen @Peachylau says:

    I can’t complain, I love seeing you as often as possible, but sometimes I can be the opposite to you and find that having everything planed stresses me out as it doesn’t leave room for last minute opportunities that I’d like to fit in.

  2. Sarah says:

    Totally with you on pencilling stuff in ages in advance- really helps to make sure you fit everybody in as well as other stuff like running and blogging, doesn’t it? I like your idea of totally dedicated time to you and David as well- something James and I are trying to do for an evening each week- no Strava, no bike chat, no lycra!

    I’m with you on the chopping boards thing too- why can’t we eat off plates? I worry about the boards from a hygiene perspective too. For the prices, it sounds like your brunch was distinctly average!

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