MyCloud Coffee, Ascot – Review and a coffee rant.

This was supposed to be a review of MyCloud coffee, Ascot. Then I started writing and got a bit carried away. So scroll down if you just want the review.

Back when I started this blog I was lucky enough to live in Putney, on the peripheries of London – home of the trendy coffee – and packed to the rafters with good coffee itself. I could even leave my flat get a takeaway from the superb Tried and True coffee and be back before my boyfriend noticed.

Note: Tried and True (and wonderful owner Rob) have won awards for their Pulled Pork Benedict. It’s worth the trip out and you can get the bus from outside for about 3 stops to the bottom of Roehampton Lane and explore Richmond Park.

If I fancied a walk, there was Ground (always rammed), Artisan (who opened their second branch in Sheen whilst I lived there) or pretty much any coffee shop with little coloured cups prided themselves on announcing which small roastery they supported.

Fast forward to the suburbs… Ascot, home of the yummy mummy. There must be good coffee. Right?

WRONG. They all sit in Starbucks in their active wear and look at me like crazy when I pop in sweaty after spin class. There are a few caff’s in Ascot and Windsor but most serve coffee which is Robusta laden that you have to get a cappuccino just to make it potable. Often I ask for a cappuccino and the poor 16 year old is so undertrained you are lucky to get some unburnt milk. I wish all coffee machine companies would offer free training to staff. Bad coffee is worse than no coffee and it represents your brand.

Oh dear, I’ve turned into one hell of a coffee snob here. What can I say, I’m barista trained and I know what I like. In reality though I can go one way or the other, I’m happy with a filter coffee from the ‘Bucks when I just need to wake up. On the other hand, if you are charging me £2.50+ for a coffee it’s got to be good.

MyCloud Coffee, Ascot (The Review)

Finally, after moving to the sticks 15 months ago, today I found a decent coffee shop! Better than decent it was flipping awesome.

We arrived on a Sunday morning after volunteering at Junior parkrun (it sits near Ascot and Virginia Water), there were a few regulars and what I’m assuming was a family behind the till. Mum on the till chatting (and I suspect the baker of the cakes), Sons on the coffee machine, with Dad organising the rest of the show.

There are comfy chairs of all shapes and sizes as well as a bookshelf of boardgames for little companions next to books for coffee snobs like me and rubix cubes of all complexities for Steve who joined me for coffee. These things gave me a GOOD feeling about MyCloud. As well as a recommendation from fellow runner Jon.

I didn’t know what to expect so ordered my coffee with no hope for the beans. I was overjoyed to see a huge selection of cakes and snacks for such a small (but perfectly formed) coffee shop. There were freshly baked cakes and pastries clearly marked if they were gluten free and/or dairy free and good quality packaged treats like Stoats Oat bars, Divine Chocolate and those delicious belgian coffee wafer thingies.

Off to the side was a fridge of cold drinks and my absolute essential if you want to be my favourite.. a jug of water and cups to help yourself. Lissy knows my issue with this.

We sat down and tackled the rubix cube/coffee books and were delivered our beautifully presented cakes and coffees. For those not in the know the leaf pattern is not a ‘design’ it’s the correct way to pour a latte and 99% guarantees a good coffee. A first sip of my Americano and my prayers were answered. A beautiful smooth, flavoursome and perfectly made coffee. I lept straight up and asked which beans they were using. ‘Square Mile and this month we are trying their Red Brick beans, we like to try a couple each month’. More warm and fuzzies.

MyCloud Coffee

We sat back to enjoy our coffee, watching the world go by (or still tackling the rubix cube) and as we did more regulars popped in. Two tables were pulled together and laid: plates, juice, bonne maman jam. Sons left the coffee machine and sat down, Mum poured the juice and Dad appeared from the back room with hot almond croissants for the family. A far cry from a trendy London coffee shop, I suddenly felt very French, sat next to the family enjoying their breakfast. It was that moment, I knew I had to share this secret place with you.

So if you are in the area plan a pit stop at MyCloud Coffee. They are open Monday – Saturday 08:00 – 18:00 and Sunday 10:00 – 16:00.

p.s. I didn’t get any free stuff, they don’t even know I’m writing this. I just had to share!

Would you share your hidden secret coffee shop? Do you know somewhere better in Berkshire?


  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    Mmmm warm almond croissants! I would go a long way for a good one of those! No idea on coffee shops out that way I am afraid, but it sounds wonderful. (Plus, I like tea- I could go on for a long time about places with actual tea menus and loose leaf tea..).

  2. Lina | Mind over Matter says:

    I’m so picky I just make my own coffee at home and take it with me in a KeepCup. IF that is not possible and I’m running around or am at work, I get double espressos from Pret or my office cafe and add a tiny bit of water and/or cashew/almond milk myself.

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