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I have had so many chats recently about podcasts, they are such an awesome media and powerful source of information but the iTunes store doesn’t make it easy to find ones that you might like.

I recommend the same ones time and time again and I wanted to share them with you too. I like to think I’ve found some more obscure ones that you may not have seen yet!

Podcasts to Listen To No Such Thing as a FishNo Such Thing As A Fish

If you’ve seen QI you’ll know the idea behind this very well, the hosts of this podcasts are the brain boxes behind all the facts you hear on the show. This is the only podcast I can get David to listen to and consequently the one we binge listen to when doing long journeys. We love being able to take the facts into every day life and trump our friends with our knowledge!

This is a great one for long runs as well as long journeys.

podcasts to listen to one for the roadOne For The Road

I struggle with ‘running’ podcasts, marathon talk bores the hell out of me, so when some of m friends (from twitter now turned friends in real life) decided to go out on their own and start a podcast I was over the moon! In their own words ‘a podcast about running, and the rest of your life’ and I totally agree, this one is definitely not just for runners, it’s like the UK version of Call Your Girlfriend. Download and enjoy!

Podcasts to Listen To The Table SetThe Table Set

I love food, throwing parties and hosting and so do these three super guys. I’ll front up with you, this podcast is totally over the top (in the best way) and very American but I love them for it! I could never throw a full on ‘tiki’ party but there are loads of great ideas on theme-ing you can throw into your next soiree. Make sure you listen to their episode ‘Will it Waffle’ especially if you have recently acquired a waffle iron.

Podcasts to Listen To Eat Your WordsEat Your Words

I love the theme tune for this one. Another american foodie podcast but on a completely different topic. Cathy interviews authors of awesome cookbooks in niche areas and also covers lots of trends and fads giving them proper consideration. Make sure you listen to the episode on Bulletproof Coffee where you get to hear the opinions of paleo lovers, coffee lovers and a nutrition expert. A great down to earth discussion.

Podcasts to Listen to BangsThe No BS Guide to Life

You’ve heard about Bangs before on this blog, she rocks my world with her spin class every Thursday morning at BoomCycle and now I get another half an hour of her every couple of weeks too.

Her no nonsense, down to earth style is sure to get you thinking about the big things in life. Plus if you listen really carefully you might hear her doggy Stringer Bell.

Want more podcasts to listen to?

Other Podcast Round Ups

Charlie’s Favourites

Lissy’s Favourites (Presenter of One for the Road)

I would love to hear your favourite podcasts, if you have a round up post let me know and I will add it here, or simply tweet me your recommendations! If you don’t have a blog but have lots to say about podcasts why not do a guest post here?

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  1. Louise @louliveswell says:

    Thanks for the tips here! I’ve been trying to get into podcasts, although have as yet been successful! The only one I have listened to regularly is by Laura of Wholeheartedly Healthy. I struggle to find time to listen as I don’t have a commute (well, I do but it’s by bike and I don’t like to have music on whilst cycling) but have all the intentions to! So thanks again for the suggestions 🙂

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