Riverside Brasserie Bray – Review

My Dad’s birthday and mine are relatively close, since I moved away from home a couple of years ago and My Dad getting a new job with lots of travel it’s sometimes hard for us to get together with my Parents. As a treat for our birthdays we decided to go for a really lovely meal and spend some quality time together.
Somehow it fell to me the ‘foodie’ (read glutton) to decide on the restaurant. I browsed the internet for hours looking for the right place at the right price, and I was set on something Thames side or with nice grounds.


Some of my initial ideas looked a bit too stuffy for us to spend hours chatting over wine in. Some like Lattymers at Penny Hill Park seem to have jumped up in price (they recently got a second Michelin star). Then I found something beautifully refreshing, a really simple website full of phrases which resonated with me straight away such as:

“When you book a table at the Riverside Brasserie you effectively book two tables, one inside and one out. Such is the nature of our English summer weather that there is every chance you will have starters on the terrace, your main course in the restaurant and dessert and coffee back on the terrace!”

It’s set an a marina and so the entrance is not obvious, as this was a surprise for my Dad I thought this would add to the subterfuge, plus he hates boats so I thought I would be funny if he thought we were dragging him on a boat!

I emailed my Mum straight away and said “I found the place”


Anyway I’m waffling, as you can see the surroundings and food were beautiful


DSC02027 - Version 2

I had made my Dad a small birthday cake and I emailed in advance to ask if it was okay to bring it, I was dead set on the dessert menu so I knew we wouldn’t be eating it, but every birthday needs cake! They bought it out beautiful presented complete with candle and boxed it back up ready for our departure.


On the day the traffic on the M4 and in Windsor was horrendous and we ended up being 30 minutes late, a quick call to the restaurant was met with thanks and sympathy when we arrived went down well. Unbeknownst to me, my Mum had preordered some champagne for our arrival and I think we all felt like a million dollars on the banks of the Thames toasting birthdays with Champagne.

When discussing our menu choices the lovely owner also said that as it was our birthday they’d like to treat us to a bottle of wine, we graciously accepted and a perfect match for our mains it was too. He also charmed us with stories of his friend Eddie’s (Izzard) Marathon exploits, as a runner I loved these stories and was pleased when I picked the same dessert as Eddie! As two of us were driving and champagne had already been drink, My Dad and David did not manage to finish the wine, they were more than happy to give us the cork so we could take it home for later.

The service was charming and relaxed and because of this I think it was probably the best meal I’ve ever had. We immediately started thinking of a good excuse to go again, we’d like to go on an overcast day too as I think sitting in the cosy interior looking out on a windswept Thames will warm the cockles of anyone’s heart!


I was not paid to write this review, I simply adored the Riverside Brasserie.

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