Say Goodbye to The Gym – New Year, New You.

Let’s be honest, you signed up for a gym but you’ve not been in the last week right?

If that doesn’t relate, replace ‘signed up for a gym’ with ‘joined a cross fit box’, ‘paid for british military fitness’, ‘bought an expensive yoga pass’ or even ‘set myself a resolution to run everywhere all the time’.

What ever goals you set yourself that may have fallen by the way side, let’s talk about the other way… What? I see your ears pick up. No team, I’m not about to fix your life and make you fit and strong and fabulous with a wave of my magic wand. YOU ARE ALREADY STRONG AND FABULOUS and if you want to get fit, don’t become a slave to the latest hype, thing people are blabbering about on twitter or entrepreneur who wants to take £100 from you a month.

The secret is have fun, try new things and do what you love.
Say Goodbye to the Gym LululemonHere is what I’ve tried in the last month, I didn’t love them all so I moved onto something else. One of the things I wanted to prove with these posts is that fitness is not about huge fees, obsession on one thing or becoming the best. Although some of the things in these posts I have paid for many are free, low cost and are certainly available to do as a one time thing, so you won’t fall foul of that 30 day cancellation notice. While we talk about that 30 day cancellation notice, if your gym love is already waning why not give your notice today, hit it hard for 30 days and then you won’t pay for a month of not using it.


Ice Skating

Say Goodbye to the Gym Ice Skating

Well I never thought I would say this, after my first experience of ice skating two years ago where I ended up crying and then sulking in the boot room, this time I really enjoyed it!

Next year I hope to get in two trips before the ice rinks close. Ice Skating does cost money, but for me it’s a double whammy it’s the chance to get my heart going, spend some time with my other half and get in the spirit of the season too. I never get to work out with David so anything that gets us together and squeezes in some fitness is worth the money in my book!


Wake up Wednesday

Say Goodbye to the Gym Wake Up WednesdayOn the first Wednesday of each month Lululemon in Richmond run an early morning yoga class, so you can squeeze in some zen before work. the beautiful guys at Whole Foods who host us sort out some breakfast for afterwards so you can zip straight to work relaxed and with a full tummy.

This event is totally free! You can keep an eye out for the next one on their Facebook page. The other Lululemons and Wholefoods in the UK both run free events so do look at your local.




IMG_5613_2I know, I know, I’m a parkrun BORE. But on New Year’s Day I took on the Bushy-Kingston parkrun double. Cat and I headed over to Kingston and pottered between the two parkruns chatting to so many lovely people and being filled with the passion and love that you get at every parkrun. I think you can tell how much we loved it by our faces!


21st February I’ll be heading to Crystal Palace parkrun, if you’ve never run a parkrun come along – say hi and get hooked! If you are a seasoned parkrunner, come too!

please note: all one word, all lower case.

I ran an Ultra

I’m afraid I didn’t squeeze in lots of new things in January as I was busy running an ultra. Read all about Country to Capital.

How did your fitness plans for January go?


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