W Hotel Afternoon Tea – Review

My other half is a worldly guy, he’s been travelling in South America, frequently takes trips to Israel and is generally just a bit more knowledgeable than me on most topics. But, there are some things that along the way I have been shocked to discover he’s never done. Here are a few examples:

  1. Eaten a babybel – rectified, complete with wax modelling
  2. Eaten a pot noodle – not going to rectify I think he wins with that one.
  3. Been in Primark – rectified, but we went in on a weekday just after opening so it had not become a jumble sale yet.
  4. Had Afternoon Tea

So this weekend as a random treat (for me or him, you decide) I took us to Afternoon Tea. I love the pomp and circumstance of the posh afternoon teas and I love the laid back nature of the ones you get in tea rooms. But for David’s first one I wanted something a bit fun and not too stuffy. I also wanted somewhere were it wouldn’t be all ladies. I turned to twitter and with the help of many of you I settled on the W Hotel in Leicester Square and their Rock and Roll Afternoon Tea.


We put on some glad rags and jumped on the train to Piccadilly, the W hotel is impressive from the outside and is situated above M&M world. Surprisingly there is no reception when you enter, merely a bank of lifts which take you up to reception upstairs. When we arrived upstairs the reception was full of people checking in but situated right next to the afternoon tea area, so I went in search of the normal restaurant welcome desk – there isn’t one. So we ended up loitering with intent until one of the servers had finished serving someone and then I pounced on them. Our table in the afternoon tea area was not yet ready (we were ten minutes early) so we were offered a seat in the beautiful bar area. This was much quieter and suited us perfectly!

Menu here


We didn’t have to wait long for our afternoon tea and we opted for cocktail to start us off, which were fragrant, well mixed and served from a hendricks gin teapot – charming.

There are some seriously tenuous connections on the menu. For example the sandwiches are labelled ‘Dark Side of the Moon’  – I have no idea why and they were the most disappointing part of the meal. Despite knowing exactly the time we would be arriving these had obviously been cut in advance. The tea came out so quickly I suspect it is all assembled on the stand in the morning and kept refrigerated so the kitchen can get on with their lunch and dinner services. A good idea, but the sandwiches should probably be cut when people arrive to prevent crunchy, curly edges.


The beautiful record style stand, showing off our favourite piece the purple haze battenburg which was flavoured with blackberry.  You can just see on the bottom tier another tenuous connection with “Rule Britannia” scones – they were just scones, good scones but why bother with the name.

Here is me enjoying the entitled “Sticky Fingers” which was a meringue mouth:


It was a fun afternoon tea, but when similarly priced as somewhere like the Athenaeum, I think I’d go there next time. In total I spent £81 including service, we had afternoon tea for two and a cocktail each.

I was not asked to write this review and paid out of my own pocket. I simply wanted to share it with you. 

Where is your favourite place for Afternoon Tea?


  1. Flake And Cake says:

    That battenburg sounds amazing and I love the picture of you with the meringue!
    The price is quite steep for the tea, especially with the pre-cut sarnies, though it sounds like a lovely experience.
    I’ve never eaten a pot noodle either!

  2. Kat says:

    I love the presentation of the food and it’s a unique twist with the Rock n Roll theme, but the price is pretty scary for what you get!

  3. Milli says:

    That pic of you is awesome Steph! I really like sketch for afternoon tea but you can’t beat claridges and if you like the tea sandwiches, they just keep replenishing them for you until you can eat no more! I also love pouring tea to their tinkling piano.. dreamy. For a girly tea, the Berkeley is really fun.

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