A weekend for celebration

Running in leggings in winter

I just wanted to share a few words (and photos) about my weekend, I haven’t had such a fun weekend of running in a while.

It started on Friday night, watching new friends being awarded for their super running at the Datchet Dashers presentation night. We had our glass carriage collect us at a respectable time in order to make it over to a chilly Bushy Park for parkrun #101 on Saturday morning.

Crochet Running Hat

My Mum crocheted me this hat and scarf when I started running, with temperatures dipping below zero on our drive into Kingston upon Thames it was time to break out the full length leggings and knitwear! Saturday rolled into a fun day of pancakes, cider and exploring Kingston. As well as tracking the Country to Capital Runners on my phone. I have to admit I was a bit jealous after last year.

Datchet Dashers Kit

We headed home for dinner on Saturday and so I could get my kit out ready for representing my new club Datchet Dashers at Cross Country. This was the first outing of my t-shirt and I think getting mud up the front and back qualifies as doing it justice.

Datchet Dashers Cross Country Bracknell Forest

I spent most of Saturday night and Sunday morning (once I saw the snow) deliberating if I should wear shorts or not. It’s kind of cross country uniform and with long socks I’m not sure it’s really any colder. I’m so glad I donned my shorts, I got heckles of most stylish runner and lots of positive comments about my home made knitwear.

Datchet Dashers Cross Country

I loved stomping around Lightwater Country Park in the snow, ice and mud. Bracknell Forest Runners put on a fantastic spread of cake, sandwiches and tea. Huddling with other runners in the tea queue was surprisingly a fantastic experience. Yes I was frozen, yes I scalded my tongue on the tea but the banter and camaraderie was second to none. I can’t make the last two fixtures of the season but next year… Cross Country… I’m coming to get you! And all the mud.

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. Dennis says:

    I hope a tall balding gentleman handed you a red flyer at the exit from the funnel at Bushy and you are considering entering the race that it was advertising…

    • Stephanie says:

      Ah you see i’m the other way, I’m too long for leggings and I can never get them to fit right, so I end up pulling them up every 5 minutes. Hehe my Mum is going to love all these comments!

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