Bath Half Marathon – Race Report

Another week, another race report. Last Sunday I was in Bath.

Bath Half Marathon Race Report Goody BagI had a super duper fun time! I was in a start pen on my own, so after sneaking a little selfie I befriended some random guys who were studying at Cardiff Uni and chatted the time away until kick off. I hate waiting in pens so anything to make the time fly! I ended up catching up with the pair at about mile 10, before zipping on – if you are reading this I really hope you got your 1:40s.

I spent the whole race shouting, smiling and high fiving as many children as I could, the looped part of the course isn’t the most scenic but it does mean you avoid all of Bath’s mean and nasty hills and there was support almost all the way round. Lots of uni students out cheering and kudos to Bath residents for the most amount of jelly babies and sweets per capita. I’m not sure there was more than a minute gap between jelly babies ever.

Bath Half Marathon Race Report SelfieI also have a little rant, yes, another one. Can I just spend a second to encourage us all to try supporting each other. Both Brighton Half and Bath Half have sections where you are running against or with runners of a different pace than you. At Brighton half as I saw Paul Martellletti zoom past on his way to win I gave him a cheer and the guys behind him, and the girls, until I had no breath. This was great fun and I hope they appreciated it. I know Paul did. Later on in the race the cheers of Beki and Lissy pushed me through. At Bath I tried to cheer as many people as I could on my second lap, and every time no one else around me bothered but all (but one) of the people I cheered gave me a smile and thanks. A cheer can go a long way, so suck it up guys, one shout is not gonna stop you getting your PB and whether that person is slower than you or faster than you everyone gets a boost. The guy at Bath Half Marathon chugging along with a full bomb disposal suit who came home near 3pm certainly needed all your cheers – he is the real hero of Bath Half Marathon.

Bath Half Marathon Race Report Celebration On to the food! After the race I met up with the girls at Yak Yeti Yak, a lovely little Nepalese place I would recommend to anyone. Lots of Bath’s hidden gem restaurants are underground and the upstairs doesn’t give you much to go on, but we had a fabulous meal and treated ourselves to some of their signature fizzy cocktail! It was full of runners in a celebratory mood and even the owners son had successfully completed the course after a last minute place come up. Thanks Team!

I had the pleasure to meet the lovely Olivia and my superstar friend Laureen ran too. Completing in a fab time despite not enjoying it. We met for lunch with Julie who got a PB and Claire and her newly qualified boyfriend James came over from Bristol specially. I think David was pretty glad he wasn’t the only boy! I’m so lucky to have met all these lovely ladies purely through the power of social media.

There was a pretty good goody bag, lots of Soreen but much like Brighton there was no food on course and no fruit at the finish. I would always much rather a banana than chocolate and it must be cheaper?

Bath Half Marathon Race Report WinnersOne other thing to note is that I was in the first start pen and it only took me two minutes to cross the start line, Julie and Laureen really struggled with congestion on the course as they started later, on a two lap course this is always a problem, so be optimistic with your time if you plan to run Bath!

Have you run Bath Half Marathon? Did you find it congested? Which city half shall I try next?

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    Well done!
    I did Bath last year but I didn’t enjoy it at all. I didn’t like the really late start, I usually like a lapped course but I found some of the short uphill sections really tough, and at the end I was freezing cold, shivering, and then had to walk back to the bag drop- I really think they should have had foil blankets right at the finish (it was cold and rainy last year) as I was properly shaking when I finished. Plus it was so expensive, and not even a technical t-shirt, just a cheapy cotton one. And not really any nice scenery. I think the crowd support was pretty much the only good point (and I even got a pb!)- although we did treat ourselves to a trip to the spa after which was just amazing.
    I emailed Brighton about the goody bag- seeing as they are sponsored by Vitality (supposedly health insurance) I though that crisps, sweets and a sugary bar were the worst things ever to have in a bag, nothing healthy at all- I said that a banana was best and the guy replied to say they had health and safety restrictions from the council which prevented them handing out fruit. Stupid!
    I think Brighton has been my favourite so far- I have run that one twice. I have run a local one, St Albans, twice, and that is good- lots of country lanes, but fairly hilly. If you want beautiful scenery I did the Ashridge trail half, but it is a tough trail course (beautiful though). I think the Bournemouth one looks good, and I think one in Nottingham too. So many races to choose from still!

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree about the start actually, I love an 8am start! I think the organisation was a lot better this year as it is now in the Vitality series, I’m trying to think about foil blankets though and I’m not sure they had them this year. WHAT health and safety about FRUIT, that is crazy, I think you should blog about that so we can all spam vitality and Brighton council. Maybe we should pick one and do it together?!

  2. Corinne says:

    I love cheering the other runners. In the races I’ve been in, loads of people will cheer the first lot of people to loop around and get to the finish. And people cheer you nearing the end. But by then I’m usually grumpy and don’t want anyone to talk to me. Ha.

    Corinne x

    • Stephanie says:

      Haha, I’ve had my fair share of grumpy moments in races. I don’t just mean spectators though, I mean people still running. Have you got any challenges lined up?

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