Brighton Half Marathon – Race Report


Brighton Half Marathon Race Report RDC Well guys I am still floating on a big PB cloud right now. Brighton Half Marathon was frigging awesome. It’s a blur of faces old and new, a surprise every time by Garmin beeped and some seriously good cheering from Run Dem Crew.

I was nervous all week before, coach supreme Cat had set me a pace goal and I have never run a race on pace, I normally run on feel alone, I wear my Garmin for retrospect. So hitting a specific pace seemed scary, I needn’t have worried a few sub 4:50 km passed (my goal) and I just ran on feel anyway.

I am lucky that my Grandparents live near to Brighton so I travelled down the night before and enjoyed some family time, as a long time sport hater, they’ve never had the opportunity to see me participate in anything like this and were as excited as I was nervous. The photo on the main page for this post is a card they had lovingly made for me. My Nan got up with me at 6:30 on race morning and had already cooked my porridge Β – I will definitely utilise Chez Nanny for future races, the service is impeccable.

They even came out to cheer at the end and proudly told me that they shouted at all ‘Them run demmers’ hehe.

Brighton Half Marathon Race Report FunMy Brighton Half Marathon Race Report is going to sound like an acceptance speech now, well the Oscars were last night so you should be used to it.


Huge thanks to Mark for sorting me out with parking and I am already looking forward to running Preston parkrun with you.

Serendipity put me with the fabulous Will (enthusiastic in the photo above) who spent pretty much the whole last 10 miles chatting to me and scored us both PBs Great work Will. We’d never met before but were shocked when we both screamed ‘GO Run DEM’ at a runner running in the opposite direction and did all that small talk stuff you do when you meet someone over the next few miles, trying to catch Ciq as we went. Big kudos to Ciq’s Mum and her RDC sign – I think Ciq’s Mum is now a Brighton legend!

Run (cheer) Dem Crew, I can’t thank you enough. The support of the community was incredible and exactly the reason why we are proud to be in the RDC family and not a running club.

I’m stealing Claire’s Eats and Feats idea here:


Brighton Half Marathon Race Report Time


Brighton Half Marathon Race Report Eats

I sadly declined the love of run dem and headed for some food with my Nan and Grandad before heading back to London, but gee whizz look at it!Β Amazing cake and avocado on toast from art gallery and cafe Laughing Dog at the Marina, home made pizza and grilled pineapple by David and fresh vanilla custard whipped up by me!

Brighton Half Marathon Race Report FinishIn hindsight there were a few things missing for the price, e.g. any food on route, but I always have my own anyway. The medal makes up for anything that was lacking and makes my Country to Capital one look rubbish.

Golly gosh I still can’t believe my time, this race has made me seriously consider doing Brighton Full in future but I think enjoyment of the race is weather dependant, if I had faced the howling wind and rain that came in in the afternoon I’m not sure I would look quite this chipper…

Also sorry if I’ve not mentioned you in this post but I appreciated seeing every one of your faces, I didn’t want to make it a roll call πŸ˜‰


Did you race this weekend? How did you get on?

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    Wow that is some speed- congratulations!
    I did Brighton too, and got a pb (although mine was 2.04- a long way behind you!)- I have run it twice and each time been lucky with the weather, and another year I was due to but was ill, and the weather was fab that day too. There is a lot of crowd support which is great, and I love the sea views for pretty much all of it too..

  2. IAmKat says:

    Well done! You’re doing brilliantly right now πŸ™‚ Glad the weather held out for you.
    I did my first ultra at the weekend so am very happy right now……are you doing Down Tow Up Flow again this year? If so I shall see you there

  3. Adele says:

    What an excellent time, well done! I did Brighton Marathon a few years ago and would recommend it, the atmosphere was great πŸ™‚ You do cover most of the same course as the half, so it could be a little, erm, boring!

    Enjoy your recovery x

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