But have you run London?

Until Sunday, the answer was always a sigh and a ‘no’.

On Sunday I ran London Marathon, my tenth marathon and the hardest race I’ve ever done. I’ve run faster, I’ve run further, I’ve run hillier, I’ve run colder, I’ve run hotter and I’ve certainly run funner.

Sometimes when I’m introduced to people they introduce me as a marathon runner, the conversation almost always turns to London Marathon. More often “The London” or “The Marathon”. “Oh Paris, is that the same distance?”

I’m stuck here. I don’t know whether to write about how bloody hard London Marathon was. How amazing my supporters are or how far I’ve come from marathon number one to marathon number 10?

All I know is that today the answer to ‘oh, but have you run The London Marathon’ is YES. I’m not sure I’m any better or any different for it………….




This post sat unfinished here as I got stuck writing but on the way to work today I got inspired and recorded this..

I wouldn’t have made it through Sunday and I wouldn’t be able to say “yes I’ve run London” without the incredible people who surround me. I want to acknowledge each of you that came out to support me and the 40,000 other people who ran. From the tear jerking Mile 21 full of Run Dem-mers screaming my name, to my Windsor friends who had to cycle up because the trains were off, to those of you who tracked me in the app and sent messages of support. To those of you that told me I could do it, to those of you that picked me up at the end and listened while I sobbed happy, relieved tears and to those of you that will be there for me (metaphorically) whether I run a major marathon again or I only ever run to the end of the garden path. I will never have the right words to thank you enough.



  1. Gill Bland says:

    Yep. Life is not about running. I use instagram for only running stuff but I’m always conscious that it’s only part of life. I hate that people think you’re only a runner if you run marathons too. One day I will stop running but I won’t stop being me, but I find myself thinking sometimes that I won’t be me when I stop, so this was a great reminder. I love that people are passionate about it and I love striving to be better, but …yeah. There’s more to life. Well done on getting through it and thanks for being honest.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you Gill. I love your comment that one day you will stop running, but not stop being you. So true, and right at the root of what I was trying to say. xx I mean there is baking too!

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