What to buy a runner for Christmas.

It’s that time of the year. I’m feeling decidedly unchristmassy but one of my pals got in touch the other day to ask what to buy his runner wife for Christmas, I schpeeled off a huge list and it got me thinking, what do you buy a runner for Christmas?

Stocking Fillers

parkrun wristband

I have one of these as well as key ring barcodes and credit card sized barcodes. I’ve been known to have as many as 6 barcodes with me at once. #dfyb If your favourite parkrunner doesn’t have one. It’s a must buy.

Runface t-shirt

Yes, we all have a million t-shirts, but they are all in the wash, and these ones are a bargain and witty. Use code DECEMBER for 2 for £24. One for them, one for you!

Pop bands

One for the girls, I have one of these permanently on my wrist. They look pretty, don’t get hair trapped round them and they don’t leave a kink in your hair when you take them out. Perfect for run commute, or post run brunching, simply take it out and your hair looks as good as when you left the house… ish.

Nakd or Trek bars.

All natural fuelling for my upcoming races. I love them, you can pick up a few bars to fit in a stocking in most supermarkets, or buy in bulk direct.

Light up shoe clips.

All the cool cats in my running club have these and I kind of want some. Great to leave in the car in case you forget your hi-vis. Give the gift of safety!

Trainer Bling.

I’m known for my wings, but I can’t tell you where I get them, or I’d have to kill you. So I can recommend these funky little lace charms for your favourite runner, plus you can get them personlised.


Yes! You can give the gift of fresh coffee this Christmas. This is one of those things I keep thinking about signing up for, but can never quite do for myself because it feels like too much of a treat. there are a few options but this coffee by mail from London always appeals to me.

Duck and Waffle Coffee

Something Bigger

Stockings already full, fancy treating them big style? Here are some more ideas of gifts for runners over £50

Stuff Your Bra or anything from Lululemon.

Most people that run with me, will have been flashed by me, showing off my Stuff Your Bra. I flipping love pockets, and this is a bra with pockets. Plus there is one in the sale. Dream. But generally anything from lululemon.

Ted Baker Fit to a T

I love everything in this whole range, I suspect I would just wear it all the time, rather than for running.

what to buy a runner for christmas


A tricky one, it’s pretty personal. If you want it to be a surprise then buy EXACTLY what they have in this seasons colours. If you aren’t bothered, wrap up an empty shoe box, write an IOU and take them to a nice independent running shop in the sales.

Race Entry

I’m volunteering at Beat the BoatDash in The Dark as well as a host of Centurion races, so those are obviously going to be the best and I’ll be hoping for Binfield 10k and the Yateley 10k series in my stocking!


For them and for everyone

A subscription for The Campaign For Real Bread

I’m a fan of real bread, and I believe everyone should have access to and understand what that is beyond the sliced stuff. Sustain helps makes that happen and runs bread making courses for people with depression. Your money goes to supporting their work but you get a whole host of discounts and more.

baking days bread

National Trust membership

A whole host of new places to run, and handy for parking at lots of parkruns. The national trust looks after some of our most beautiful national parks and homes. I got my membership in Autumn with my bonus (rock and roll) and I’ll definitely be renewing.

Donate to parkrun.

parkrun will always be free, for all, for everyone but sometimes they need a little help setting up new locations or raising money for a defibrillator. You can donate to your local parkrun by visiting their ‘about us‘ section…


What’s on your list?

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  1. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    I love this list! Brilliant ideas- those t-shirts are very funny indeed.
    I would like a chest running light thing, instead of a headtorch as the pavements where I have moved to are much darker and bumpy and leaf covered.

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