Country to Capital – Race Report

I heard someone say Country to Capital was like four seasons in one day. Immediately planting an ear worm in my brain. The sun over lunch time was beautiful on the canal.
Country to Capital Route

Less sunny weather at the finish and start.

    Country to Capital CanalCountry to Capital Terrain


Country to Capital Pack

Enough about the weather. Here we go folks, a gratuitous post about my first ultra marathon.

I don’t want to give you a boring mile by mile run down, and I’m kind of tempted to just let the pictures talk for themselves but I couldn’t resist a little Country to Capital race report by numbers.




Country to Capital Snow


68.4 km ran

57 my finishing place (out of 296 finishers. David, that fact is for you)

30+ fabulous marshalls on the route. Including Charlotte – I am indebted to you for sorting out my flipping shoe lace. and Mary who I got to see twice

26 miles to go. The point where I knew I could do this. Thanks to Pip, Ian and James for helping me get that far, and with the navigation

13 miles to go. The famous sign on the course, 13 more miles of canal to go and the moment I put my headphones in. I didn’t even listen to an hour worth of podcast, but they kept me going in the gaps between chats as I passed fab fellas who egged me on

Country to Capital 2015

8 running buddies on the course and start line to keep me calm (Louise, Laura, Cat, Sorrell, Travis, Susie, Justin and James)

7 ish pieces of go beyond cake/other treats and snacks scoffed whilst on the move

6 hours 50 minutes of running




Country to Capital Finish

4 special ladies who travelled far, far west to cheer me on. (Charlie, Harry, Lissy and Laureen)

2 marathons in training

1 amazing coach: Cat Simpson got me further and quicker than I ever thought possible.





Country to Capital Action ShotEXTRA EXTRA:

1 toilet find! This one is for all you guys and gals thinking about running country to capital. I found a proper toilet! After the first CP you go past a leisure centre on your right. I think it was 12km in. Gents on the left, ladies on the right! You’re welcome.





Country to Capital Medal

What’s next for me? Well I have no more ultra plans just yet, Barcelona Marathon is coming up quick and I am having a good week of hard rest.

Country to Capital CP5

Some photos from Adrian Howes the photographer


    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks Lucy, the best thing is to not think about the distance, it was just 6 10km ish races with cake in between. It started in Wendover (country) and finished in Paddington (capital) no the canal was just half

  1. Sarah says:

    Well done!! You did brilliantly!! And what an fantastic finishing position especially for your very 1st ultra too!! It’s obviously something you’re going to be AWESOME at!!

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