Sometimes things don’t go as expected. I’m a control freak so you would expect changes to freak me out, on four occasions this weekend my expectations were not met, but actually it turned out okay. It reminded me that things will be okay most of the time and I don’t need to plan everything, all of the time!


Expectation One: I would meet Lissy for parkrun and then we would rush over to Lululemon in Convent Garden for their yoga class followed by brunch.

Reality One: We had a great time at parkrun with Elle running her first parkrun and Laura supporting us. We then rushed over to Covent Garden, only to get there an hour early. We decided to sneak straight to Kopapa for brunch, as we didn’t have a booking we thought going this early would ensure us a table and it did. We finished early enough to get to the yoga but thought that yoga on a full stomach would be a mistake.

Expectation Two: Sweaty Betty shopping

Reality Two: Instead of yoga, we though we’d sneak some shopping in, but Sweaty Betty Soho is undergoing renovation, which we only realised whilst standing outside. On the way there we had walked past an interesting looking bakery so we headed back there and treated ourselves to another treat!

Nordic Bakery

Expectation Three: Running Hampton Court Half Marathon as a slow training run.


Reality Three: I got into an awesome grove and zipped round in a quicker time than I intended but I was really enjoying myself. I know the course well, marshalls were great,  I saw friends spectating and the out and back sections ensured I got to cheer the speedsters. Sounds good, right? unfortunately, due to a marshalling error the course was 400m short, but with a time of 1:53:34 this would have been a stonking PB for me anyway. The distance does not take away my training run or my enjoyment. It’s encouraged me to aim for sub 1:55 at Surrey Half in two weeks, I was going for sub 2 but HCH turned my head!

Arab Boy Breakfast

Expectation Four: A nice relaxing yin yoga class

Reality Four: I settled down in the warm class early and spread myself out, despite the markings on the flour we normally take up a little more room because yin is mainly floor work and you need to stretch out. By the start of the class we were in less than the normal sized space and being encouraged to squidge up. I was furious, I’d paid £16 for a nice stretch out class, only to be told to go into frog with my head on someone else’s sweaty mat – yay. Actually though, I still got my stretch, I calmed down significantly and sorted myself out with my neighbour quickly so we could both relax into frog whilst listening to the rest of the class struggling. There were a few moments where I accidentally tickled someone’s toes, but we all got our lovely stretch and I left feeling relaxed and spaced out!

It’s a cliché (a yoga relevant one) but sometimes the only thing to do is to go with the flow, I surprised myself this weekend with my ability to go with the flow and it all turned out fabulously.

Have you struggled when your expectations are not met or are you much more relaxed than me?

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    • Stephanie says:

      Aww thanks Ashley, I got a bit carried away. I just found a nice grove, I think it helped that I run most of the route once a week so I know it really well (including all the boring bits!). It was great to run with you, albeit briefly!

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