My First Marathon

Or the race report that wasn’t…


I could write a long, detailed and emotional blog post about my first marathon, but I’m not going to. You can read some fabulous race reports from Leah (who I started with) or the speedy Charlie  (ignore her pessimism she was amazing and got a shiny new PB) and Becs who ran fast with a horrible cold.

At the Race Expo with Lissy

At the Race Expo with Lissy

If I gave you all the details of my race there would be a lot of things
that I’d feel guilty for saying/not saying or a lot of ‘too much information’ as I struggled with my tummy on the day.

Waiting to Start

Let’s leave it like this:
1. I rocked up and ran
2. The Tuileries tunnel was horrible
3. The rest of the route was amazing
4. The last 5k was tough running past people who had stopped
5. I had a tiny cry when I met my boyfriend afterwards
The End

High five with my Dad

I do have a few Paris Marathon thanks before I get on with the travel and recipe posts. The first goes to Lissy who gave  me a spare tissue at the start. Without which I may have had to pull out! Secondly to all the TNR girls who welcomed my parents into the fold for the weekend. Finally anyone who has supported me on the path to my first marathon.

Not chocolate 🙁

Do I have any tips for your first marathon (or race)? Yes! Remember no cream in your dinner the night before a marathon and tell your supporters to take cameras with a zoom,  my dad seems to think his iPhone is good enough, err no.


The fabulous ladies who kept me company


Paris marathon day was also my birthday and the start of David and I’s holiday ( and I suspect my marathon career) so I have lots more exciting things to tell you about over the coming days
A bientot


  1. John Q (@ceegy) says:

    Awesome! Nice report – sorry to hear about the tummy but it’s happened to us all at some point, just unfortunate it was the day of the marathon for you. Well done – your time was brilliant! The best thing about it is… No one or nothing can every take this away from you! Congratulations… Welcome to the club x

  2. kathleen says:

    How brilliant Steph. It is such a great feeling to get over the finish line and it is an accomplishment that no one can ever take from you. It was all down to your hard work. Congrats! x

  3. Dana says:

    Congratulations! I can only imagine how amazing it feels to cross a marathon finish line… well done!

    If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of headband/hair wrap are you wearing in the pictures in this post? I’ve been on a quest for one that tames my crazy hair and that one looks promising!

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