Harry Hawkes 10

Harry Hawkes 10 StartI ran the Harry Hawkes 10, but really this post is about falling out of love with races. At least for now.

Hanging up my wings

I’m a magpie right? I love the bling? The Harry Hawkes 10 medal hasn’t even made it’s way out of the plastic bag, I’ve simply filed it away. Last marathon training I signed up for loads of races, this time I pencilled in lots too but I really think I’ve fallen a little out of love.

Driving to the race, I drove past people on their long runs, wishing they were me. I couldn’t help but think, if I’d just gone out on my own this morning, I could be done by now and back enjoying a lovely breakfast.

Tweets from Emma and Hannah the night before kept me from sacking it in altogether, their presence on the morning made me get across that start line. Thanks girls and sorry for being so pessimistic. I’m honestly not normally like that. I just wasn’t feeling in the mood. Sometimes a solitary run is what you need, sometimes you want the run to be a small part of your day, rather than a race that takes over your day. Sometimes you want to finish your run at your front door, knowing there’s a hug behind it, not in a crowd of strangers.

Harry Hawkes 10 GreenThe Race

A little about the race: it’s a cheap local race organised by a couple of members of a local running club (The Stragglers), it starts at the cricket club in Thames Ditton which sounds remote but there are trains from Clapham Junction and it’s just a short walk. Personally I really enjoy the route which takes you up through Kingston to Kingston Bridge, down past Hampton Court Park, over Hampton Court Bridge and back through to Thames Ditton. It’s essentially the same route as the Kingston Breakfast Run with some added faffing about in Thames Ditton which is quite residential. I know a lot of people hate the section running down the road in Surbiton, but there’s not really any way to avoid it and I’m pretty used to it as I run it at lunchtimes.

The distance is nice, a good way to build up to a Half Marathon and as soon as you start you are into single figures, Woop! If you’ve not run 10m before it’s also a guaranteed PB. Double Woop!

The race is simple with no goody bag, but plenty of fruit at the finish and a medal. The cricket club put on a barbecue for those that want to hang around afterwards and enjoy the sunshine.

Harry Hawkes 10 legsThe pictures here are from last year when I was a little more excited, had some supporters and a planned picnic afterwards! I would totally run this race again I just need to get my head back into race mode.

Race Fatigue?

I think perhaps I’ve got a bit of race fatigue(of the mind, not body), too much racing has made them loose that special-ness. The butterflies, the worrying, the joy of crossing the line. I’m going to be switching to a bit of running with friends, a bit of going out alone and erasing those pencilled in races. I’ll run all the ones I’ve booked but no booking any new ones. Absence makes the heart grow fonder after all.

My next race isn’t until the 27th and is a course I’ve been looking forward to for ages. Let’s hope it reignites some racing passion!

On a more positive note it ended up being a 3 minute PB. But I can’t help thinking this does not reflect the leaps and bounds I’ve made in my running since the last time I ran this race. Tut. I need to take my pessimistic hat off!

Have you suffered from race fatigue?Harry Hawkes 10 funnel

Anyone for a run?

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  1. Emma says:

    It was lovely meeting you and if that was pessimistic Steph, can’t wait to run/race with optimistic Steph! 😀 hope your race fatigue passes soon…absence definitely does make the heart grow fonder with running!

  2. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    I love 10 mile races- I wish there were more! Usually when I run a half marathon I wish it was 10 miles instead!
    The last big race I did I didn’t enjoy so much (the Bath half)- I got a pb but I found it so hard, and we had to be there so early, and the weather was bad, and I was so cold when we finished and didn’t even get a foil blanket- it really put me off big races so I have tried to enter smaller races as I prefer those.
    Hopefully after you have a little break you will be back enjoying it again.

    • Stephanie says:

      brr I hate being cold that would have ruined it for me too, I agree with you about smaller races, they have a friendlier atmosphere. I’m hoping so too, thanks Maria 🙂

  3. Claire @ Flake and Cake says:

    Well done for the PB Steph! I did quite a few races last year but this year I’ve barely signed up for any – I just need some time to ‘want’ to race again and that means more weekends free and running on my own terms.

  4. Sarah says:

    Well done on a PB despite the ‘racing fatigue’ we were chatting about last weekend. I’m with you sometimes that it’s hard to find your training groove when races take up lots of a Sunday- you can do your long run and be home and showered by 10am, but races make it all a bit too regimented and difficult at times! I decided not to race in July or August apart from Wimbledon Common with you, so hopefully I’ll be really ready to race come the autumn with ALL of the races booked in 🙂

  5. Amy says:

    I can’t help you with race fatigue, as I’ve not run a single race yet let alone got bored of them, but I can say that you are the single biggest inspiration and cheerleader for me as I struggle to get my bum off the sofa and wiggling around North London in lycra, and I hope you feel more enthused soon xx

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you Amy Darling, I’ve not fallen out of love with running just races. I have one next weekend so hopefully I’ll channel your determination 😀 xx

  6. Peter Collins says:

    I’ve suffered from being fatigued (mentally) with running before, but I’ve found that the thought of racing reignites my passion. I think we all go through something like this from time to time. You’ll get your mojo back. You still managed a PB!

  7. Louise @louliveswell says:

    Ah, you should just go with the flow I think – go with where your energy is. I haven’t raced for a year now and am signed up for a 10k in October but haven’t actually done a training plan yet and am still just going for very sporadic, very casual runs. But that’s just how I feel right now. I like my early morning half hour runs and haven’t got the urge to do more. I’m also loving yoga much more right now so focussing on that. Who knows whether I’ll make that 10k or not!

  8. Dana says:

    Congrats on the PB! I’ve had small bouts of race fatigue, mostly because I also go through small bouts of race enthusiasm and sign up for a million at once, not thinking that it might be nice to sleep in on the weekends instead of driving out to random spots to run. Maybe after a break and just enjoying running with friends will solve the problem and you’ll want to race for more bling again someday!

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